How Exactly Does Our Curation Process Work?

Our recent anniversary survey has let us know that you'd like to know more about our curation process. We thank you for the information and requests, and we've improved our products and workflow to better reflect your needs and expectations.

Here's a step by step guide of how subscribing to TaleFlick works.

1) Upload a book or script, here. You'll be prompted to send in a PDF, and complete a questionnaire about your story. We need that information to properly pitch your work to producers, and for them to find it within our digital library.

2) Using a combination of data analysis and human readers, we categorize and curate the story submissions onto our digital library. The extent of that curation is determined by the plan: BASIC gives you a searchable profile, a space to write a personal pitch, and analysis by our algorithm. STANDARD* gives you all of that, plus an actual human reader will review your entire book and present you with a complete feedback report, aimed at adapting your work into a film or series. PREMIUM gives you everything the other plans do, plus a professional Pitch Page, written by a screenwriter, which will be your profile's main page, and your book/script actively sent to producers, in addition to being searchable.

STANDARD and PREMIUM will also grade your work, and highly graded titles have the chance to become TaleFlick Picks or Top Picks. That means they will have badges indicating their status, and be searchable as such - producers can filter new titles through this engine.

All three plans include the possibility of opting into our TaleFlick Discovery contest. 

*The current BASIC plan ($99) used to be called STANDARD. If you have that plan, you still retain the same benefits - that hasn't changed. If you'd like the feedback report, you can upgrade to our current STANDARD plan by only paying the difference once, here (you need to be logged in). You can upgrade to different plans by only paying the difference at any time. You can also request re-evaluations by only paying the difference.

3) Studios, production companies, and producers search curated stories on the library. We maintain an active conversation to understand their needs, and keep you posted. While you wait, you can turn your story into a treatment, a script, or a graphic presentation by using one of our additional Services.

4) Once they find a desired story, they request to read the full book or script. We provide a secure, digital copy. Upon deciding to pick up for adaptation, they discuss an option deal directly with the writer or agent - we will put you directly in contact.

That's it. Our goal is to take your story where it otherwise wouldn't go, in the most straightforward way possible.