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  • A professional screenwriter will read, analyze and grade your story, its structure, commerciality, characterization, uniqueness, and its readiness for production, among over twenty different aspects.
  • It is a detailed assessment, complete with possible paths for improvement and a guide for the next steps.
  • You will also be graded and can become a Top Pick.



  • This is a one-page sheet summarizing the story in a Film/TV industry-standard format, including a section called 'What We Liked,' a Full Summary, and more. This will maximize your story’s opportunity for Film/TV adaptation consideration.
  • The book or script will be read entirely, and TaleFlick will create the Pitch Page for you.



  • Do you have a book or a short story? We can turn that into a treatment. A treatment is a document that presents the full story of your film before the entire script is written.
  • You get up to five pages written by a professional screenwriter, a complete outline that can be developed into a screenplay, and up to three edits.
  • To learn more about the format, click here.



  • Do you have any kind of story - a book, a script, a treatment, a short story - that needs a graphic presentation?
  • You get a 10-page booklet, complete with pictures and information about the project, and up to four edits.
  • To learn more about the format, click here.