Optioned Stories

Here are some of the stories that have been optioned by our studio and production company partners.

Teleport - Kevin Berry

London, 2065. Scientist Maddie McLeod and her AI Robot teenage daughter perfect the process of teleportation. Exciting new technology in a dystopian future, with plenty of action and intrigue.

South of Main Street - Robert Gately

What if helping out those in need becomes a legal battle within your own family? A sensible account of mental health issues, having nothing to lose, and what it means to leave a positive legacy.

Starfish On Thursday - Amie Ryan

A Seattle girl tells stories about growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, while dealing with an abusive mother - and still, does it with wit and a sense of wonder that takes the reader along for the ride.

Madame Presidentess - Nicole Evelina

Forty-eight years before women were granted the right to vote, Victoria Woodhull dared to run for President of the United States. This is her amazing story, from infancy through the end of the campaign.

Queenie’s Teapot - Carolyn Steele

In the London of the future, randomly-selected British citizens run the government. Queenie, the tea-serving antihero, is selected as the head of state in this cheeky look at our current political climate.