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Based on the true story, a wrongfully convicted young woman takes on the social issue of mass incarceration at a time of economic turmoil when income classes are growing farther apart; she leads in a political battle to rectify flaws and corruption in the criminal justice system.



Short Summary

Tracy is a Army brat moving from state to state & mostly on her own to raise herself. Society has a view of what a criminal looks like and Tracy doesn't fit the mold, but mass incarceration expands soon Tracy will get caught in its grips as well before ultimately reforming justice.

Tracy is a heroin who bring changes in one of the hardest places justice reform will occur, in the south. Eventually starting a nonprofit to help people survive oppression, she helps others with employment, technology skills & training.


Louisville, KY

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain

Plot - Other Elements

Coming of Age

Mature Audience Themes

Sexual Abuse, Language/Profanity, Extreme Violence, Substance Abuse

Main Character Details

Name: Tracy Chester- is an attractive, & strong willed young lady. An Army brat becomes a victim of the justice system and struggles in a society that sabotages rehabilitation and acceptance of her past, making her reentry a series of roadblocks and emotional traumas. She's been through bureaucratic hell and wants nothing more than to move on with her life after her conviction, but soon learns the grim truth about the permanent stain of being convicted of a felony--one she didn't commit.

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Skillful, Blunt, Honorable, Underdog, Leader, Sexy, Badass, Aggressive, Engaging, Seductive, Sarcastic, Selfless, Unapologetic, Beautiful, Complex, Decisive, Educated, Perseverance, Visionary, Confident, Heroic, Lone Wolf, Outspoken, Strong Moral Code

Additional Character Details

Name: Patricia Chester - The mother of Tracy Chester is schizophrenic & limited in her capacity to raise and guide her daughter as her husband is often away in the military before she eventually passes away.

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Role: Antagonist

Key Traits: Blunt, Complex, Manipulative, Naive, Outspoken, Religious, Crazy, Aggressive

Additional Character Details

Name: Martin Patrick - Tracy’s ex-husband is from a family of trauma himself. As the young couple hopes to begin a family and move on with life, Tracy discovers even her support system at home is against her.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Role: Sidekick

Key Traits: Insecure, Engaging, Heartthrob, Lone Wolf, Charming, Complex, Desperate, Manipulative, Villainous

Additional Character Details

Name: Benham Sims - A former Prosecutor and Judge, who learns during his career all the red tape faced by people with lived experience and aids Tracy in righting the system.

Age: 60

Gender: Male

Role: Mentor

Key Traits: Blunt, Skillful, Patriotic, Aspiring, Educated, Funny, Gracious, Leader, Outspoken, Decisive, Engaging, Sarcastic, Visionary, Charming, Confident, Honorable, Strong Moral Code

Development Pitch

About The Author

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34

Target Gender: Male leaning

Group Specific

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