'A Journey Into Fear And Fantasy.'

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One of the stories in 'A Journey Into Fear And Fantasy' is 'The Age Of Aquarius.' The story focuses on people who are brought together by an earthquake which creates a world without sin. These people live happily together in a utopian world but they are unaware that centaurs inhabit this new place.



Short Summary

The story begins by focusing on Mrs Philips observing a prostitute called Sandra and her client. A short while later other prostitutes stand outside where Mrs Philips lives waiting for clients. When the prostitutes have clients, they leave and the square where Mrs Philips lives is quiet again.

The main characters, Mr and Mrs Philips, Sandra, Lisa, Christopher and John, are killed by the giant water carrier pouring water over them. They are reincarnated to a utopian world which will become a dystopia owing to the presence of centaurs who want to enslave the new arrivals.


The story is set in London and a rural location. I don't mind if the story is set in New York City then a rural area outside of New York because I know filming can be difficult in London.

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Internal Journey/Rebirth

Plot - Other Elements

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Mature Audience Themes

Substance Abuse

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About The Author

Sarah was born in London, England. She has written three volumes of short stories: 'A Journey Into Fear And Fantasy,' 'Psychological Tales' and 'Crossing Time.' Some of her stories were broadcast on LBC Radio's 'Through The Night' programme. She has written three volumes of poetry: 'The First Collection,' 'Poems: Social, Satirical And Political' and 'The Seasons, Nature And The Environment.' Sarah's poetry has been published in numerous anthologies. One of her poem's, 'Stagnation,' was shortlisted in 'The National Anthology Poetry Competition' in 2005. Sarah has written a play, 'Revenge,' a children's book, 'The Spell,' film scripts and song lyrics. She was awarded a commended certificate for her song, 'I Wish,' from 'The United Kingdom Songwriting Competition' in 2016.

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Status: Yes: with a Publisher

Publisher: The publisher was 'Kite And Key Publishing.' My book is no longer available because the publishing company no longer exists.

Year Published: March 2017

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