The Echo

Ryen Moormann

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    You know that voice in your head that tells you something is a bad idea, but you do it anyway? What if that voice in your head isn't what you think it is. Garrett is just an average guy who is trying to make his big score. When a meeting goes horribly wrong resulting in his own death. Garrett is given the chance to reexamine his life with a man called "The Judge." Nothing in life is what it seems and Garrett hopes he may of found a way to save his life even after death.

    Target Audiences

    Age: 18-34

    Target Gender: Universal


    Coeur'd Alene Idaho

    Based on a True Story


    Publishing Details

    Status: Yes: self-published

    Year Published: 2013

    Starting Description

    Garrett is a shady character who goes to do a "Deal" it goes bad and he dies he wakes up on the day he was born he is forced to watch his life again with "The judge". When he gets to a part of his life he regrets he freaks out and it ends up changing, so he tries to change his future.

    Ending Description

    He ends up making changes to his life, but it isn't the way you expect and no one is who they seem, it has a very twisted ending that makes you think twice about life

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    Plot - Other Elements

    Meaningful Message, Philosophical Questions, Twist

    Plot - Premise

    Internal Journey/Rebirth

    Main Character Details

    Name: Garret starts of as a Shady character comiting crimes, but eventually redeems himself

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Complex, Confident, Engaging, Funny, Charming

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Whisper is Garrets girlfriend who plays a large part in the story

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Role: Emotional

    Key Traits: Empathetic, Engaging, Beautiful, Charming

    Additional Character Details

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    Additional Character Details

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    A down on his luck man gets offered a big pay day for delivering a bag full of cash to a rendezvous
    point. The risky job turns turns into a nightmare when he awakes in purgatory after being killed during
    a shoot. Standing before ""The Judge”, he is given the chance to go on a path of self-redemption.
    Nothing in life is what it seems and Garrett hopes he may have found a way to save his life, even after

    What We Liked

    The Echo is a strong story thanks to its in-demand genre and well thought-out plot. The result of this
    combination is a tight sci-fi thriller with a memorable twist. Reincarnation, one of the main themes, is
    woven into the story well; this thought-provoking concept would last long after the end of the
    movie/episode and could spark conversations around it.
    Film: The story has a momentum to it right from the start, hooking the viewer in from the opening
    scene. It uses flashbacks to tell a story that has an unpredictable twist, which would keep audiences
    invested in the characters and the plot as it plays out. It’s a tight sci-fi that plays on that age-old
    question of what happens when we die in a thrilling way.
    TV: There is a strong central character who viewers will find themselves rooting for, as they come to
    learn more about his motives and beliefs. The supporting cast is solid, with each one having dynamic
    arcs to their development. Each episode would build up to the big reveal at the end, which could make
    for numerous cliffhangers and an exciting finale.


    Garrett and his girlfriend, Whisper, agree to deliver a duffel bag in exchange for a cut of $100.000. The
    meeting is arranged by a guy called Shady, which foreshadows how badly it all goes; Whisper is killed
    and Garrett is shot and then hit by a bus. Waking up in the hospital, he’s greeted by Annette, a
    celestial being, who tells Garrett he is part of a reincarnation process. Garrett will be judged on his life
    by “The Judge,” Richard, who will determine if Garrett will move on or be reincarnated into a new life.
    Pivotal moments from Garrett’s life play out in real time: We see Garrett as a 6 year old, being beaten
    up by his father on the day he unknowingly uses his dad’s cocaine stash to make his mom a Puff ‘n
    Stuff, which results in his father being sent to jail. We see how he meets his best friend, Jace, and his
    high-school sweetheart, Jessica, how he proposed to her, how they all went off to college together.
    How his best friend saves him from committing suicide when he wants to jump off a bridge, after his
    mother died and he found his girlfriend cheating on him. How he becomes a deadbeat, flipping
    burgers at 21, after being kicked out of college. How he meets the new love of his life, but also how
    he meets the man, Shady, who makes him the offer of being in on a deal that leads to her death.
    When his best friend needs him the most, Garrett fails to save Jace from killing himself, a moment he
    forever regrets. Using the magic of time-traveling mind power, Richard is able to help Garrett save
    Jace, which in turn changes the course of his life. Back to present day, Garrett believes he can then
    save Whisper in the same way. We learn that Shady double-crossed Garrett and Whisper, leading to
    her death and Garrett’s purgatory state. Garrett finds out Whisper was pregnant and is desperate to
    save her from being shot on that fateful day. He pleads with Richard to influence the course of
    events. Richard intervenes, ensuring Garrett is shot instead of Whisper, and Jace is able to save her
    from the bus that would’ve hit her in Garrett’s place.
    Annette returns to explain to Garrett how the judgement really works: he himself gets to decide if he
    wants to recycle himself or go on to the other side. In an unexpected twist, Garrett realizes he is
    actually a reincarnated version of Richard, who was the drunk driver that killed Whisper’s parents
    when she was 11. Richard made a deal with Annette to reincarnate himself and make things right,
    bringing her back to life through Garrett. Garrett decides against being reincarnated, leaving Jace and
    Whisper to marry. Unbeknownst to Garrett, his father has also made a deal with Annette, to
    reincarnate Jace. This leaves a cliffhanger, as we have no idea what his motives are.

    About The Author

    Ryen Moormann is an award-winning author from Idaho and host of the Youtube show “4 BYE 4.”