Daughter of Destiny

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17th Century or Earlier

Nicole Evelina

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Game of Thrones meets The Mists of Avalon in the first book ofthe USA Today bestselling Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy. Before queenship and Camelot, Guinevere was apriestess of Avalon with no idea of her fate; she loved another before Arthur,a warrior who would one day betray her.


Epic, Fantasy, Folktale, Historical Fiction, Romance, Drama

Short Summary

In war-torn 5th-century Britain, young Guinevere must choose: stay with her family or go to Avalon to understand the horrific visions that haunt her. In Avalon, she meets Morgan, a woman destined to become her rival, becomes a priestess, and falls in love, never suspecting another destiny awaits her

Years later, Guinevere leaves Avalon only to be exiled from her home. While negotiating a new land, she is reunited with her lover from Avalon. Unbeknownst to her, her father is negotiating marriage with King Arthur, a move that that will break her heart and seal her fate.


Wales, England, Glastonbury, Avalon

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Internal Journey/Rebirth

Plot - Other Elements

Coming of Age, Twist

Mature Audience Themes


Main Character Details

Name: Guinevere

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Aspiring, Educated, Romantic, Strong Moral Code, Visionary, Beautiful, Decisive, Engaging, Outspoken, Blunt, Extraordinary Powers and Abilities, Leader, Complex, Religious

Additional Character Details

Name: Morgan

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Role: Antagonist

Key Traits: Badass, Leader, Manipulative, Power-hungry, Visionary, Confident, Seductive, Unapologetic, Aggressive, Beautiful, Complex, Narcissistic, Outspoken, Charming, Extraordinary Powers and Abilities, Villainous

Additional Character Details

Name: Isolde

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Role: sidekick

Key Traits: Badass, Confident, Faithful, Adventurous, Beautiful, Seductive, Engaging, Flexible, Perseverance, Skillful, Sexy, Charming, Complex, Outspoken, Secretive

Additional Character Details

Name: Aggrivane

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Role: tempter

Key Traits: Adventurous, Confident, Heroic, Romantic, Sophisticated, Complex, Empathetic, Gracious, Honorable, Masculine, Heartthrob, Sexy, Charming, Faithful

Development Pitch

After the runaway success of Game of Thrones, television is hungry for the next big fantasy series. It can be found in the USA Today bestselling saga The Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy. Library Journal calls the first installment, Daughter of Destiny, “A new twist on an old tale that gives agency, sympathy, and personality to a woman typically cast as a one-dimensional adulteress,” as it explores the early life of the infamous Queen Guinevere of Camelot. Filled with mystical magic from the isle of Avalon, more than one forbidden romance, quite a bit of nasty political maneuvering, and a war that will determine the fate of Dark Age Britain, it is sure to satisfy nearly every fantasy lover’s tastes. The Guinevere we are used to seeing lives in the shadows of her two famous lovers, but Daughter of Destiny shows that she was an independent woman from the beginning. This coming-of-age tale shines light on the life lessons that made her into a successful queen, as well as on the root of her enmity with Morgan, which initially has nothing to do with Arthur. Daughter of Destiny is unlike other fantasy stories in which women are maligned or killed before they can exert power; here, they band together to weather life storms and triumph over adversity. Television and movie audiences have heard the stories of King Arthur and Merlin for decades; now it is time for Guinevere to tell her tale and emerge as a much-needed heroine in the fantasy genre to inspire future generations.

About The Author

Nicole Evelina is a USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction, non-fiction, and women’s fiction whose six books have won more than 40 awards, including four Book of the Year designations. Nicole was named Missouri’s Top Independent Author by Library Journal and Biblioboard as the winner of the Missouri Author Project in 2018. Her fiction tells the stories of strong women from history and today, with a focus on biographical historical fiction, while her non-fiction focuses on women’s history, especially sharing the stories of unknown or little-known figures. Nicole’s writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Independent Journal, Curve Magazine and numerous historical publications. You can find her online at http://nicoleevelina.com/

Target Audiences

Age: 35-54

Target Gender: Female leaning

Group Specific

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Publishing Details

Status: Yes: self-published

Year Published: 2016

Hard Copy Available