The Harbour City Secrets-Rogue Cop 321 (book 3 in a trilogy)

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Chet Walker, a womanizing cop meets Madison, a blue-eyed doe he must have. So begins the sexually charged cat & mouse game until she discovers he’s a corrupt rogue cop. The FBI are called in when she receives a cooler with an alligator head floating in blood, she has 3 days left to live.


Mystery, Suspense / Thriller, Crime, Drama, Political, Detective,,Action,Crime,Detective,Drama,Political,Suspense/Thriller,Other

Short Summary

Small political town in FL. Madison dangerously caught between her police officer boyfriend, who went rogue after 23 yrs & Chief of Police who's been looking to take Walker down. Madison holds the key to Walker's demise. She soon becomes the victim of a hunt. It's time to 86 Chet & his politicians

FBI get involved as Madison receives death threats but they can't link Walker to the crime. The crime goes through the system but he gets off on a technicality leaving disaster & tragedy in his path. Madison gets resolve that Walker loses his prized badge, the only thing he cares about.


Melbourne, Florida

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Tragedy,,Overcoming Monster/Villain

Plot - Other Elements

Meaningful Message, Twist,,Twist

Mature Audience Themes

Language/Profanity, Nudity, Substance Abuse,Extreme Violence,Nudity, Language/Profanity

Main Character Details

Name: Officer Chet Walker

Age: 40-45

Gender: Male

Role: Antagonist

Key Traits: Sexy, Beautiful, Complex, Engaging, Funny, Outspoken, Sarcastic, Secretive, Unapologetic, Charming, Heroic, Manipulative, Masculine, Power-hungry, Confident, Criminal, Greedy, Leader, Narcissistic, Seductive, Aggressive, Badass, Insecure, Villainous,Adventurous,Charming,Complex,Confident,Crazy,Desperate,Greedy,Heartthrob,Leader,Insecure,Masculine,Villainous,Narcisstic,Uneducated,Power Hungry,Outspoken,Funny,Sarcastic,Secretive,Manipulative,Unapologetic,Lone Wolf

Additional Character Details

Name: Madison Spencer

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Charming, Educated, Aspiring, Empathetic, Sexy, Underdog, Confident, Faithful, Funny, Naive, Romantic, Leader, Sophisticated, Adventurous, Beautiful, Decisive, Engaging, Gracious,Adventurous,Confident,Decisive,Empathetic,Engaging,Faithful,Gracious,Heroic,Educated,Leader,Honorable,Modest,Sexy,Funny,Visionary,Romantic,Sophisticated

Additional Character Details

Name: Officer Rock Jamison

Age: 45-50

Gender: Male

Role: emotional

Key Traits: Engaging, Heartthrob, Patriotic, Secretive, Charming, Complex, Leader, Funny, Honorable, Masculine, Skillful, Empathetic, Gracious, Heroic, Modest, Adventurous, Confident,Adventurous,Aspiring,Charming,Clumsy,Complex,Confident,Desperate,Empathetic,Gracious,Heartthrob,Heroic,Educated,Insecure,Leader,Masculine,Sexy,Skillful,Funny,Romantic,Secretive

Additional Character Details

Name: Detective Robbie Matthias

Age: 30-35

Gender: Male

Role: mentor

Key Traits: Adventurous, Decisive, Engaging, Heroic, Honorable, Aspiring, Charming, Faithful, Obedient, Strong Moral Code, Funny, Heartthrob, Masculine, Patriotic, Badass, Confident, Empathetic, Gracious, Modest,Aspiring,Badass,Charming,Confident,Decisive,Empathetic,Engaging,Gracious,Heartthrob,Heroic,Educated,Honorable,Leader,Masculine,Modest,Sexy,Patriotic,Outspoken,Skillful,Funny

Development Pitch

Officer Chet Walker, a devious womanizing cop meets Madison, a blue-eyed doe he must have. And so begins the sexually charged cat and mouse game until she discovers he’s a corrupt rogue cop. The FBI are called in when Madison receives a cooler with an alligator head floating in blood and a text saying she has 3 days left to live. The hour has come to eighty-six Chet & his sidepocket of politicians. Inspired by Real Events. Pitch: “Dennis Peck” (Richard Gere in Internal Affairs) meets “Doralee” (Dolly Parton 9 to 5)

About The Author

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

Target Gender: Universal

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