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    It's a family drama about a young girl's struggle growing up in an emotionally and physically abusive household. Her search for love and acceptance sometimes leads her to even worse situations. It is a poignant story with a mix of humour thrown in.

    Target Audiences

    Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

    Target Gender: Universal


    England. Mid 1950s - 1960s

    Based on a True Story


    Publishing Details

    Status: Yes: with a Publisher

    Publisher: page publishing

    Year Published: 2019

    Starting Description

    Eight year old Maggie resents the unfairness of her parents treatment toward her versus her sister Mary. Their constant abuse aimed at her and her brother Mike, who is her sole ally in the household. Her life is a constant struggle right through to her teenage years, and onward.

    Ending Description

    Her marriage falls apart and she is left to raise her daughter single-handedly. Her boss helps her financial situation by offering her some part-time work, which unfortunately leads to her becoming a paid escort; which leads to an unexpected pregnancy, ending in a gut wrenching decision.

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    Mature Audience Themes

    Language/Profanity,Sexual Abuse

    Plot - Other Elements

    Meaningful Message,Philosophical Questions

    Plot - Premise

    Tragedy,Internal Journey/Rebirth

    Main Character Details

    Name: Maggie

    Age: 8-25

    Gender: Female

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Aspiring,Uneducated,Desperate,Outspoken,Sarcastic,Insecure,Underdog

    Additional Character Details

    Name: mike

    Age: 13-30

    Gender: Male

    Role: Mentor

    Key Traits: Heroic,Honorable,Adventurous,Empathetic

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Mary

    Age: 10-27

    Gender: Female

    Role: antagonist

    Key Traits: Villainous,Aggressive,Complex,Power Hungry,Manipulative,Unapologetic,Insecure

    Additional Character Details

    Name: don Clyne

    Age: 30-50

    Gender: Male

    Role: antagonist

    Key Traits: Aggressive,Narcisstic,Villainous,Power Hungry,Manipulative,Unapologetic,Crazy,Complex

    Development Pitch

    It addresses several key problems; child abuse, both physical & mental. Sexual abuse.Mental health issues. Emotional struggles growing up. How to retain a sense of humour throughout dealing with these problems. Survival. This would make a good tv series, as people would recognize themselves in these characters and realize there is hope and that they are not alone. In this era, there are too many victims that stay silent, but I feel that this piece of art would help them to find their voice. Readers are telling me that they can relate to the people in the book. For some people this is their way of life. This deserves to be a series/movie because it is a unique story, and everyone is unique.


    A family drama about a young girl's struggle growing up in an emotionally and physically abusive household. Her search for love and acceptance sometimes leads her to even worse situations. A poignant story, in which the woman at the center finally learns to love and respect herself.

    What We Liked

    - This story has an arc that makes it perfect for a film. The character starts off at a young age
    and the audience journeys with her to 25 years old. Through that time, she overcomes child
    abuse, a torturous sister, men who grope her any chance they get and an under-developed
    self-esteem, and at the end of the film, she has found a way to love and respect herself, now
    as a mother and ex-wife;
    - It takes place in one town;
    - There are memorable characters;
    - It deals with overcoming challenges and finding self-love.


    It’s the 1950s and Maggie Clyne lives with her spiteful sister, Mary, her doting brother, Mike, and her abusive parents, Don and Helen, in small-town England. As a young child, she has to do chores that no 8-year-old should be doing. Her sister delights in her misery and often contributes to her getting into trouble with her parents, which leads to them hitting her. Even when she goes off to a convent school, Maggie is not safe from torment and abuse - the nuns at the school pick on her too. Maggie’s only respite comes from summers spent at her grandparents’ farm.

    She starts working at a bistro at the age of 14, where she also starts to attract the attention of men. She finds most guys her age are only into getting laid and losing their virginity, and learns the hard way when her first boyfriend practically forces himself onto her for her first time having sex, that they don’t care about her feelings. Eventually Maggie does find a guy who respects and loves her. But he’s an ex-drug addict and her parents won’t have any of it. They beat her black and blue, forbidding her to see him. He is driven out of town, and she decides to put all her focus on finding a job that can help her earn money to be on her own. By the time she’s 18, a man she meets at her office job asks her to marry him. Desperate to get out of her parents house, Maggie agrees.

    Within a month of being married, Maggie has an affair. Things deteriorate between her and her husband, but they decide to give it another go and move houses to be away from his overbearing mother. Maggie falls pregnant and gives birth to a daughter, and thinks that will help her get the love she desires from her husband. But it doesn’t. The contractor who is working on their new house takes a liking to her, even though he is almost double her age. They, too, begin an affair, but he is married. He tells her he is going to leave her wife and so she moves in with him, but he is not in the process of leaving his wife at all. Distraught, Maggie moves out of his place, and back into the house she shared with her ex-husband, while it is being sold. She starts a new job, but one night at an office party, she is almost gang-raped. Her new boss offers her the chance to be an escort, and she takes it, eager for the chance to earn extra money. She then moves into being a call-girl, convincing herself she can use the money to send her daughter to a good school.

    Maggie sleeps with various men and earns enough to start a new life for herself and her daughter. She leaves behind the call-girl life, and starts to find some peace in her life.

    About The Author

    Jean Hudson, who lives in London, Ontario in Canada, is a first-time author -- Maggie is her first book. She is currently working on a second book that is due to be released next year.