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Based on actual events of the 80's taking place in the Caribbean; how the CIA conspiring with corrupt labor unions and governments try taking over a hotel-casino empire through murder and kidnapping. How the owner of the company must avenge his wife's death, find his daughter and save his business.


Action,Crime,Historical Fiction,Suspense/Thriller,Mystery

Short Summary

Eldon Davis; owner of a hotel/casino empire comes home after a business trip to Canada only to find his murdered wife's bloody body in the foyer of their Florida home. His six year old daughter missing, who has been kidnapped. He embarks on a whirlwind mission to find and deliver justice.

Eldon and his new unexpected US government ally; Kimberley, devise a plan to snare the entire group of conspirators holding his daughter captive while bleeding his company dry. They use the conspirators' resources against them in a virtual sting operation, freeing his daughter and saving his company.


Florida, The Bahamas, Greneda, and Bermuda

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain,Tragedy

Plot - Other Elements


Mature Audience Themes

Information not completed

Main Character Details

Name: Eldon Davis

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Charming,Complex,Confident,Decisive,Engaging,Faithful,Gracious,Heroic,Educated,Honorable,Leader,Masculine,Modest,Patriotic,Selfless,Skillful,Visionary,Sophisticated

Additional Character Details

Name: Kimberley Ashton

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Aggressive,Charming,Complex,Confident,Empathetic,Engaging,Faithful,Flexible,Heroic,Honorable,Leader,Patriotic,Blunt,Selfless,Outspoken,Skillful,Visionary,Romantic,Sophisticated,Seductive,Strong Moral Code

Additional Character Details

Name: Domingo Alvarez

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Adventurous,Badass,Aggressive,Complex,Confident,Criminal,Decisive,Greedy,Educated,Leader,Masculine,Narcisstic,Power Hungry

Additional Character Details

Name: Jason Garretty

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Badass,Aggressive,Confident,Criminal,Greedy,Lone Wolf,Skillful,Power Hungry,Uneducated,Narcisstic

Development Pitch

A new exciting adventure exposing corrupt Governments and Labor Unions conspiring to take control of a Caribbean Resort and Casino empire through murder and kidnapping. Follow Eldon Davis as he embarks on a forced adventure to rescue his daughter, save his company and bring the whole corrupt house of cards falling down. “Frank Julius” - Author A veteran of the resort hotel business with an international background. A perfect fit with in depth knowledge of resort hotel and casino environments centered in the Caribbean. Frank brings a wealth of expertise in providing an intricately woven yarn for a thrilling crime novel with a look at the inside workings of the business, and the stresses of daily operations. Frank Julius' unique story telling ability to blend a crime driven labor union conspiring with island governments and The CIA to control the casinos, and try bringing the protagonist to his knees, only to find themselves entangled in a situation none of them bargained for. Follow Eldon Davis (the protagonist) as he confronts his enemies and discovers new allies. If you love the thrill of the chase, and if you happen to be in the hotel business, then this is a must read novel.

About The Author

"FRANK JULIUS" "Frank Julius" Csenki was born in Budapest Hungary in 1951. His childhood in his native homeland was curtailed in 1956 with the Hungarian Uprising that led to his escaping Hungary with his parents Frank and Isabella to freedom in Canada. Frank grew up an immigrant's life in Canada enjoying his new citizenship being educated in Canada and finding his career path in the hospitality industry. With a nagging thorn in his shoe; Frank found the hospitality business to be a perfect fit for his burning wanderlust pulling him on to travel a good part of the world while advancing in his career in both corporate level finance and property level General Management. His books now focus on the dark side of the hotel and resort business, wrapped in world-historical events of the past thirty-five years. His novels, starting with BLOOD DICE, deal with government corruption throughout the Caribbean and then take on the Rissian Mafia, secret police, and international terrorism, in his next two novels all through the eyes of the international hotel empire power couple; Eldon and Kimberley.

Target Audiences

Age: 35-54,55+,18-34

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

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Publishing Details

Status: Yes: self-published


Year Published: 2016

Hard Copy Available







Eldon is a wealthy businessman who sees his life change when his wife is brutally murdered, and his daughter kidnapped. He starts an investigation to find his daughter, only to discover that government associations are involved.

Overall Rating


Point of View


Narrative Elements

Authors Writing Style: FAIR

Characterization: FAIR

Commerciality: FAIR

Franchise Potential: GOOD

Pace: GOOD

Premise: FAIR

Structure: GOOD

Theme: FAIR

Accuracy of Book Profile

Kimberley doesn't seem to take the lead role. She works best as an Eldon sidekick. Someone who will help him solve the problem. Eldon is the sole protagonist of the story.

Draw of Story

The story begins from the point of view of Jason, one of the villains, and we get to know a little about his personality and personal backstory. It's interesting because it humanizes in some way all characters, regardless of the role they occupy and the acts they commit.

Possible Drawbacks

Two stories move parallelly. The one of an entrepreneur Eldon who must fight to maintain his empire, and the one of Eldon who lost his wife and had his daughter kidnapped. Although both stories are necessary for the outcome and have details in common, Eldon's personal story turns out to be much more interesting. That's why when Elton's entrepreneurial action takes too much time, the plot loses some of its strength.

Use of Special Effects


Primary Hook of Story

The crime, and the criminal investigation, end up being the hook. We've already figured out the reasons behind the kidnapping from the beginning, but there's still the curiosity to know how the investigation will end.

Fanbase Potential

The story may draw fans of crime investigation narratives and action movies. The setting of the casino hotel in the Bahamas is an attraction in itself.

Awards Potential

No. The story has a good narrative structure, and the protagonist's motivation has some drama. However, I believe that more significant development of characters and conflicts is needed to increase the potential for awards.

Envisioned Budget


Similar Films/TV Series


What’s New About the Story

The setting of the hotel-casino, whose owner is the protagonist of the plot, is somehow original. Otherwise, the story is quite similar to other action and suspense movies.

Lead Characters

Kimberley is a good female character. Intelligent, fearless, active, she really makes a difference in the story. The secondary characters, by the way, are the most interesting in the plot. Eldon ends up looking very simplistic as a character next to everyone else.

Uniqueness of Story

It's not a rare gem, as films with this narrative have been made before. However, it's a good action film with the potential to be entertaining.

Possible Formats

Film: Indie, Streaming, Studio

Analyst Recommendation



While the story has many positive points, it has room for improvement (see possible paths below). If you can't change the story at this point, my suggestion is using your notes as a guide to highlight the best aspects of it when taking the next steps, either putting a pitch page together, a treatment, or a presentation.

Tips for Improvement

First of all, better-defined characters that could generate empathy. Eldon is a wealthy man who lives very comfortably and has numerous employees to assist him. This is not a problem, but he, despite loving his family, sounds a bit cold about what happened. He doesn't seem to care that much about his wife's death and becomes interested in Kimberley during the investigation. Although love affairs look essential for action movies, Eldon's romance is kind of disastrous in this specific case. All his motivation and goals have to do with his family, so he should suffer from grief and mourn a little longer. According to the profile, it is based on a true story. Even so, some adjustments in characters and plot are necessary to make everything more coherent and efficient within the proposal. Eldon ends up having his family targeted by criminals precisely because of his job, and at that time he could show a little more concern for his family and less for his work. It is understandable that both plots are intertwined, and that it is necessary to present them both simultaneously. However, Eldon could act differently, showing himself confused, capable of anything to recover his daughter and avenge his wife. In fact, he seeks police help for the investigation, but ends up not stop working, thinking about business, and still getting involved with another woman. It's something that can cause empathy problems in the audience. Kimberley is an excellent professional, representing the female figure well in an important role. And just because she is a strong character and highly professional, would she get involved with a client during the investigation of his wife's death? A few character changes would make the plot more coherent and more impactful.