Pathways Of The Heart

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20th Century (multiple decades)

Diane Yates

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Pathways of the Heart is the story of Clella Garner a spunky young woman in the Missouri Ozarks as she experiences love, loss, betrayal, and the courage to love again during and following the Great Depression.


Memoir, Drama,

Short Summary

Clella, a judges daughter, marries Kenneth, a teachers son, in the Missouri Ozarks just before the Great Depression, six children, hard times, and Kenneth’s drinking, gambling and infidelity, test Clella's resolve to remain faithful, then a chance meeting with a younger guitar player changes it all.

Clella pursues a new life with Francis and their unborn child. Kenneth’s health fails as his heart breaks. The doctors are unable to stop his Gi hemorrhage. Clella learns of his death. Her daughter is born and eventually her other children join her. Together again, they heal and life goes on.


Missouri Ozarks

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

,Overcoming Life's Struggles

Plot - Other Elements

Meaningful Message, Happy Ending

Mature Audience Themes

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Main Character Details

Name: Clella Garner

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Romantic, Selfless, Skillful, Beautiful, Complex, Modest, Engaging, Gracious, Honorable, Leader, Perseverance, Religious, Strong Moral Code, Charming, Faithful, Flexible, Heroic

Additional Character Details

Name: Kenneth Lathrom

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Role: Antagonist

Key Traits: Charming, Confident, Engaging, Heartthrob, Manipulative, Romantic, Unapologetic, Adventurous, Complex, Decisive, Secretive

Additional Character Details

Name: Francis Burch

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Role: Tempter

Key Traits: Charming, Complex, Decisive, Funny, Masculine, Romantic, Aggressive, Aspiring, Seductive, Engaging, Heartthrob, Adventurous, Confident

Additional Character Details

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Development Pitch

I see this as a movie depicting a heartwarming journey through life in the 1920's through the 1950's . A story about a strong woman devoted to her family, dedicated to their survival and resourceful enough to accomplish anything, but even strength can waver when faced with the hardships and heartbreaks life brings. A story of how our decisions have long reaching affects that may take us to a point of no return. The path we choose sometimes has no room to turnaround, and the past is lost forever. The result of our life choices can sometimes leave us lost and alone, but there is one who never leaves us. The story shows that pathways of the heart can stray, but we can always find our way back if we look hard enough and realize the one relationship that is all that matters.

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Target Audiences

Age: 55+

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

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Publishing Details

Status: Yes: with a Publisher

Publisher: W&B Publishers

Year Published: 2016

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