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    "Live Your Dream” An inspiring true story and music autobiography with a very positive message which is already changing lives! October - North Redington Beach, FL –Live Your Dream Hard cover: Janson Media Publishing - E-Book: Souzaphone Records Publishing - Book Baby “In The Tropics were the biggest band in Florida - simple as that. I watched them in awe. Their power was never truly captured on record, but a show beyond belief! No small part of that was bassist Charlie Souza. When my band in was looking for a bass player, as I was switching from bass to guitar, we asked Charlie to join and he did. I found him to be a great musician and a nice guy. I’m sure his book will be an interesting read for anyone looking for rock & roll adventure.” Tom Petty, Malibu, CA Through a blend of song lyrics and experiences in the music business and beyond, Charlie Souza offers his personal story and commentary on how to emerge from darkness and live your dream while challenging your own inner demons. In an intimate collection of songs and stories, he explores how we can all find ourselves and appreciate the gifts given to us by those we have lost, incorporate those gifts into personal growth, what he did to conquer his depression, and the healthy lessons we can teach our children through music. What makes this book different from any other is the approach taken by the author to always weigh in on the side of the truth and to give love so that you will receive love with all of its virtues and live your dream. For more information about Live Your Dream, or to schedule an interview, please contact Charlie Souza at

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    Tampa-Los Angeles-New York City

    Based on a True Story


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    Publisher: Jansen Publishing/Souzaphone Records Publishing/

    Year Published: 2011

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    In 1965 The Tropics were the biggest band in Florida—simple as that. I watched them in awe. Their power was never truly captured on record, but a show beyond belief! No small part of that was bassist Charlie Souza. When my band in 1975 was looking for a bass player, as I was switching from bass to g

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    A reflection on the effect of a childhood tragedy, from his mother being murdered by his playmate, to how music through the years helped to heal and turn his life into a positive message for others to Live Their Dream

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    Sexual Abuse

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    Happy Ending, Meaningful Message

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    Overcoming Monster/Villain

    Main Character Details

    Name: Charles Jesse Souza

    Age: 72

    Gender: Male

    Role: Emotional

    Key Traits: Romantic, Visionary, Aspiring, Charming, Complex, Lone Wolf, Empathetic, Narcissistic,Lone Wolf,Narcisstic,Leader,Insecure,Secretive,Charming

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    Development Pitch

    Mother played piano, sister violin, we learned piano at an early age and then in school I played clarinet. into my early teens, my mother was murdered, then I was sexually molested by my brother in law. I left that home before high school was finished, lived with schoolmates and friends, joined a band, The Tropics, and found music to be my friend. had a decent career, played with several notables and rock stars. Later in life, looking back, I realized that I had been living my dream all along my whole life while carrying the weight of the nightmares of my early childhood.


    True story. Based on the life of musician Charlie Souza, a support player who worked with major
    rockstars. After experiencing trauma and success at a young age, Charlie learns that living his
    dream is not what he thought it would be.

    What We Liked

    - Based on a true story;
    - Not your typical rock star success story, but a success story nonetheless;
    - Charlie came within inches of rock star status multiple times and played with the greats;
    - Star names such as Jim Morrison, Gregg Allman, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger are just a
    few of the musical legends that have cameos in Charlie's journey;
    - The story centers on humility, learning responsibility, and having gratitude in the things
    that you have;
    - Universal and inspiring message;
    - Numerous supporting characters along the way with potential for interesting storylines;
    - If adapted as a series, it could be described as a real life Roadies featuring musical
    legends and hit songs.


    Charlie Souza loved music from an early age, mainly due to his mom, Ruth. Charlie’s childhood
    was marked by trauma, abuse, and abandonment, including the horrific murder of his mother. He
    found refuge and hope in music. He learned to play the guitar. In high school, he received a life
    changing invitation - to join the band The Tropics as their bassist. The press caught on, and that
    led to The Tropics touring with successful singles. In 1966, they won the international battle of
    the bands contest in Chicago. They signed with Columbia and toured heavily with big acts like
    The Who, The Hollies, and Grand Funk Railroad.
    Charlie had much success in the music industry early on, although the bands he was in were
    never the tip top of the charts. He had several loves along the way, his first ending in severe
    heartbreak. Charlie encountered and worked with musical legends, such as Jim Morrison, Dick
    Clark, Tom Petty, and more. His decision to change his music style ultimately led to The Tropics’
    demise, and then he bounced around between different bands.
    Charlie was offered golden opportunities to join bands like The Allman Brothers and Bob Seger
    that he turned down, decisions he regretted later. He became resentful of watching his
    bandmates go on to wild success.
    After having to get a day job as a salesman and learning to be more responsible, Charlie realized
    that he needed to keep living his dream as a musician and was now able to finance it with a
    stable income. He started his own band, put in the hard work to get his own bookings, released a
    solo record, and helped organize the Tropics’ 30 year reunion. Grateful and happily married, he
    now resides in Florida, still working as a salesman while he plays regular gigs.

    About The Author

    Charlie Souza is a bass player, vocalist, performer, writer, and producer who has been in the music business over four decades. His work has been released on Columbia, Atlantic, Polydor, Fantasy and Laurie Records. Charlie has toured, collaborated and recorded with Tom Petty; Greg Allman; and Bill Champlin of Chicago; among many others.