The Chronicles of Teng

Anthony Kee

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    Edgar Blake finds evidence in Tibet of friendly Alien visitations dating back fourteen thousand years. They are to due to return soon. Beliefs and faiths are lost and found as he battles against Chinese, Russian and American agents to reveal all to the world. A cultural exchange takes place.

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    Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

    Target Gender: Universal


    LHasa Tibet, California, New York

    Based on a True Story


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    Status: Yes: self-published

    Publisher: self-published

    Year Published: 2014

    Starting Description

    Archaeologist Edgar Blake and companions are lured into Chinese occupied Tibet. Deep into the mountains, they come across a cavern full of alien artifacts left on Earth by aliens fourteen thousand years ago, a precurser to their return. Chinese, Russian and American agents, want what they have found

    Ending Description

    Beings from another galaxy return to Earth after fourteen thousand years. A two year cultural exchange of personnel takes place, which sees Egdar Blake and his companions travelling to Velos 2.5 million light years away, in the Andromeda galaxy.

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    Plot - Other Elements

    Philosophical Questions, Happy Ending, Meaningful Message,Meaningful Message,Other,Happy Ending

    Plot - Premise

    Quest,Voyage and Return,Internal Journey/Rebirth

    Main Character Details

    Name: Edgar Blake

    Age: 48

    Gender: Male

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Adventurous, Empathetic, Honorable, Selfless, Visionary, Confident, Educated, Masculine, Strong Moral Code,Empathetic,Selfless,Confident,Educated,Strong Moral Code,Visionary

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Leo Porter

    Age: 48

    Gender: Male

    Role: Sidekick

    Key Traits: Greedy, Sarcastic, Blunt, Clumsy, Educated,Sarcastic,Clumsy,Funny,Educated

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Susan Carter

    Age: 35

    Gender: Female

    Role: protagonist

    Key Traits: Aspiring, Empathetic, Romantic, Sexy, Confident, Gracious, Sophisticated, Adventurous, Beautiful, Complex, Engaging, Seductive, Selfless, Charming, Educated, Skillful,Adventurous,Charming,Confident,Sexy,Educated,Empathetic

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Teng

    Age: 150

    Gender: Male

    Role: mentor

    Key Traits: Extraordinary Powers and Abilities, Lone Wolf, Strong Moral Code, Modest, Perseverance, Religious, Selfless, Visionary, Blunt, Empathetic, Engaging,Visionary,Empathetic,Selfless,Religious,Lone Wolf,Honorable,Strong Moral Code,Complex




    Blake, Susan and Leo go to Tibet to find the origin of a gold statue that was left on Blake's doorstep. They encounter Chinese and American spies who want to know what they're up to. They find a cave that shows them the history of Earth - from an alien race that was here 14,000 years ago. They make contact with the aliens who come back to Earth and exchange 100 of their citizens for 100 of Earth's.

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    Authors Writing Style: FAIR

    Characterization: FAIR

    Commerciality: FAIR

    Franchise Potential: FAIR

    Pace: GOOD

    Premise: GOOD

    Structure: GOOD

    Theme: GOOD

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    Yes, it does depict the book properly.

    Draw of Story

    Aliens, espionage and hidden knowledge.

    Possible Drawbacks

    Cliche dialogue. Punch up the dialogue using more natural and original sounding lines.

    Use of Special Effects


    Primary Hook of Story

    Aliens, who have already been to earth and gave us advanced technologies long ago.

    Fanbase Potential

    Small. This concept has been done before. More originality is needed.

    Awards Potential

    No. This story has been written before.

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    What’s New About the Story

    The Tibetan aspect is original. It would be more unique with characters who are underdogs and who have bigger challenges to overcome to reach their goals.

    Lead Characters

    They are experts in their fields.

    Uniqueness of Story

    Not a rare gem as it is. It would require quite an overhaul. Characters and dialogue are mostly cliches that we've seen already. A story with more conflict and bigger obstacles to overcome is necessary.

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    Film - Studio

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    The dialogue and characters are a bit cliche, and the story needs more conflict.

    Tips for Improvement

    Interesting underdogs for characters and obstacles for them to overcome.


    Archaeologist Edgar Blake travels to Tibet. He discovers evidence that the hand of God has indeed been at work elsewhere in the universe. His quest, is to reveal all to an unsuspecting world, before the powers that be intervene.

    What We Liked

    - It has very attractive elements. There is adventure, danger, hidden knowledge - and aliens. We are taken on a quest with a compelling payoff. Answers to life's biggest questions await if our smart and capable characters can complete their journey.
    - There is a lot in this story that lends itself to the big screen and good special effects - mostly the mountains and cities of Tibet and the alien technology. It is structured for a film in that there are three clear acts. This is a story that would look great on a big screen.
    - Key points: Aliens; Advanced technology; Romance; Hidden treasures; Supernatural abilities


    Riding in a Land Cruiser are Professor EDGAR BLAKE (40s, lean, long fair hair), linguist SUSAN CARTER (33, tall and pretty), and museum curator LEO PORTER. They are being driven across Tibet by TSU and WONG. Blake’s cohorts wonder what adventure they’re embarking upon - maybe it has to do with Blake’s controversial theory that there was a race of giants who thousands of years ago gave humans their advanced technologies before they disappeared. In their tent for the night, Blake shows them a letter on a strange metal resembling tin-foil. He rubs off the writing, and it reappears. He crumbles it up, and it smoothes itself out. He cuts it and it repairs itself. Its author is a Tibetan lama called Teng. He also produces a small gold statue that was left on his doorstep with the letter, leaving his companions in wonder. The Chinese allow them in the country but are more than curious as to their intentions.

    Driving on the 900km Highway of Friendship, they’re attacked by Chinese bandits, and after a prolonged fight they tie one of the bandits to the roof and take him to a truckstop. They hand him over to the police. They reach Lhasa, and reflect on the Chinese occupation of Tibet and how they tried to wipe Tibet and its culture off the map. They check into their hotel rooms and have dinner when two Chinese officials, CHEUNG and WONG, ask for their papers. The next morning at breakfast, Blake is knocked over by a boisterous German tourist. American travelers BRAD and DOUG sit at their table and say they have been their five weeks and write travel guides. Cheung and Wong interview the three separately in their rooms, and Susan is given an etching to translate - and notices that it’s similar to markings on Blake’s gold statue. They find out Brad and Doug lied and had only been there a short time. They visit the temple where the Dalai Lama lived and Blake has a weird sense of deja vu when he thinks a door should be in one of the walls. He has a vision of the Dalai Lama drinking tea with a young monk - the Teng that they are looking for. They run into Doug and Brad who invite them out for the night but they decline since they are now suspicious of them. A boy who is hanging around their bicycles hands them a note from Teng - they are to follow the handicapped boy. After a long journey, they come to the Sera Monastery where a monk feeds them and they fall asleep by a fire. When they wake up, they are escorted by monks NGU and MINGYU. They meet a very old man and Blake asks if he is Teng - but he says Teng died a hundred years ago - but it was he who sent the letter and they are welcome to call him Teng. They take shelter in an old hut when it starts to rain and end up sleeping for two days.

    Teng and the boy lead the group up a mountain and into a secret ravine and through a secret door. Teng rests in the Lotus position and the three Westerners quietly debate philosophy, which amuses Teng. He tells them a story of when he was adviser to the Dalai Lama, and had a room next to his office - the room that Blake sensed when they were in the palace. Teng and the boy communicate via telepathy. He says the gold statue is attuned to his mind. They all hear soldiers looking for the entrance to where they are, but they are unable to find it. After telling more of his history, the old man dies. A meal is prepared in a nearby cave while Ngu and Mingyu guide the old man’s soul into the afterlife. Blake pays his respects. He is to be laid to rest in Tibetan tradition - laid out for the vultures. They are surprised to encounter Doug and Brad, who have guns. They had bugged the trio and were tracking them. The two monks are able to easily disarm them with martial arts, and they all move further along when they find out there are Chinese government men following them. They have to climb at one point, and Leo almost falls. Doug and Brad get killed by the Chinese, while back in Washington DC the director of the black ops office that is running them wonders about their fate. Back on the mountain, they come to a pile of fallen rocks that appear impenetrable. Blake is overcome with deja vu again, and starts moving the rocks and it doesn’t take long for them to get through to a cave that leads to a huge opening with polished walls and smooth floors. There’s a scene of a pyramid being built. There is a pedestal and their gold figure fits in. A free-floating disc takes them into the ceiling where there’s a statue of someone who looks like Christ without a beard, and they all agree this must be a place of worship. They see examples of high tech magnetism and other technological marvels. There’s a large stone that they’re all able to lift above their heads easily, and a table with pieces of the same metal alloy that Teng wrote the note on. They decide to bed down there for the night, but Teng’s voice enters Blake’s mind and tells him to give all of his recordings of this place to his two monks so they can safely forward them to Blake when he gets home.

    The next day, they discover a sphere with a seat in it. Susan sits, and it powers up and she’s frozen. Then she disappears. Blake follows her, telling Leo to stay put, but Leo follows too. They’re in a huge limestone building with a console that has a display of a man, and when Leo puts the headphones on he hears the man speak to him - although he says it’s a recording. He says that they are a race of beings that came 14,000 years ago and worship one god - and that mankind has not found its correct spiritual path yet. There are crystals of different colors that contain knowledge and Leo picks one that shows a dome on the sea floor with people sculpting statues. They’re shown another planet, twice the size of earth, and there’s a floating city, and then a city on the ground where ten beings sit around a table. The one with silver hair identifies himself as CALGOR. He instructs the trio to stop going against nature and cease all wars. He says that their two civilizations will be one again. On the way back, they find the dead bodies of Doug and a Chinese soldier. They bury them, then one of the monks informs Blake that Teng wants to speak with him and he should go into a cave where Teng spent a lot of time. He soon hears Teng’s voice in his head and is told to tell everyone about what they encountered there.

    Tsu happens by them and takes Susan and Leo to meet his family, then to the airport where customs stops them and searches their bags. Finding nothing, they’re able to board the plane. They find Cheung in disguise, as he is trying to sneak into American to emigrate. When they get to LAX, two FBI agents, STEVENS and THOMPSON take them to a hotel after being shot at by two mysterious figures. The three arrive at their respective apartments, but Blake finds that his was broken into and they knew the alarm code somehow. The trio meet for dinner and notice the distinctive cab they got from the airport. They’re being watched. Susan and Blake go back to her place and make love. Susan prepares a letter for delivery to the UN and enlists her ex FRANK, who works there, to deliver it. Frank notices they’re being followed. The Secretary General of the UN reads the cryptic but compelling letter and decides to meet with the trio in NYC. Stephens and Thompson get yelled at by their boss for not running a better surveillance operation on the trio. The trio meet with the UN SECRETARY GENERAL in NYC and, astounded at their find, agrees to bring it before the UN. When he does, they form a plan for excavation and retrieval of the cave in Tibet. Back in LA, Susan goes home and is kidnapped from her apartment and tied up in a room. She is told that if Blake cooperates and gives them the whereabouts of the time capsule in Tibet, no harm will come to her. Blake and Leo alter the evidence of the cave so the kidnappers won’t know its real location, while Susan is able to escape through an air vent and call Blake. Blake informs the undercover security forces from the UN who are helping out, but one of them slips up and Blake realizes they are in on it.

    MIGUEL visits Blake. He’s a descendant of the visitors, and is able to communicate with Blake’s cat. He has telepathy and a photographic memory. He explains that Jesus, while of divine origin, was not one of them. He says his people were here fourteen thousand years ago and left mankind to learn and evolve by themselves, but two thousand years ago when mankind was stagnant they helped usher in Christianity. Blake calls Susan and Leo and they rush over to hear what transpired with Miguel. Cheung pays a visit and thanks Blake for helping him get to America. While teaching class, Blake gets a cryptic message from Susan and rushes over to her place where Leo joins them. They see - on every TV channel, radio station, and web page - the face of Miguel. Blake is astonished. An exchange is to take place - 100 earthlings for 100 of the visitors. Miguel, Blake, Susan, Leo, the President and the UN Secretary General wait to greet the visitors, who arrive in a giant sphere. Inside the craft, Calgor shows Blake, Susan and Leo to their seats and they say goodbye to Earth.

    About The Author

    Anthony kee was born in Lancashire England, where he still lives and works. A happy family man, he loves to read and write, and published his first book 'The Chronicles of Teng' in 2014. This book was first conceived ten years earlier, where a series of strange events were to inspire him into writing his first draft. It was saved to his hard drive, and yes...forgotten about! Children having flown the nest, and work now less demanding, he finds himself in a position to devote more time to his lifelong passion - writing. He has now finished his second book - 'Only Human' - which is a sequel to 'The Chronicles of Teng', however; it can still be read as a book in it's own right.