Pitch Page Help

From our large library, you want your story to be selected. What is appealing about it? Why would an audience enjoy it? Is there a journey, a lesson, a message? Is it the adventure, the characters, something else that is interesting? Please do not answer this questions directly, just think about them when writing the text. This should be written as a pitch to sell the story - it is your chance to talk directly to the producer!

If you are uploading a book, please point out how it would work as a Film or TV series, and why. Why would it be good as an adaptation for Film or TV? Why would people want to see it? If you are uploading a script, let people know why you chose to write a Film or TV episode, and how it stands out among so many stories within that genre. What would you highlight?

Remember, this is for someone who has not read the complete book or script, but needs to be convinced to do it. Always keep that in mind.