Win $5,000: Road to Development is back


TaleFlick Productions: Road to Development is a contest open to every TaleFlick subscriber. 

In addition to making your stories available to producers and studios, TaleFlick is offering prizes up to $5,000 to the authors of the best ones submitted.

Every purchase made between March 14th, 2024 and April 5th, 2024 puts the story under consideration. 


Basic tier

Upgrade to Standard, with full evaluation.

Standard tier

Upgrade to Premium, with a pitch page and active sending to producers.

Premium tier

$5,000 (five thousand dollars) and announcement of winner to producers.

The tier you choose will define your prize, so choose accordingly. You can also upgrade tiers at anytime during the contest - if after getting a good evaluation under the Standard plan you feel like taking a shot at the Premium prize, for example, you can. Learn more about upgrades here.


  • April 23rd, 2024: First batch of 25 finalists under each tier
  • May 7th, 2024: Second batch of 10 finalists under each tier
  • May 21st, 2024: Announcement of Winners
Every stage will be thoroughly divulged on our website and social media channels. All kinds of stories may be submitted. Upload your book, script, graphic novel, article, or short story to get started.