The Seventh Function of Language: TaleFlick obtains rights; partners with Narnia producer

TaleFlick has obtained the adaptation rights for The Seventh Function of Language by Laurent Binet, and joined forces with Vincent Sieber, a The Chronicles of Narnia producer. The thriller can be described as a post-modern The Da Vinci Code mixed with Fight Club. It also compares to Midnight in Paris, via celebrity cameos by French cultural titans, and it has the upbeat, approachable energy of The Big Short. The novel is a satirical alternative history of French intelligentsia in the early 80s, set against an international stage. "There are car chase scenes, brushes with death right after discussions of semiotics, sex, and politics — it has a balance of wit and action that I do not come by often," says producer Uri Singer, CEO of TaleFlick. Binet has a history of success; this novel was longlisted for the International Man Booker Prize in 2018; his previous novel, HHhH, was adapted into a film; and his latest novel, Civilizations, is being developed into a TV series with Anonymous ContentSieber and Singer have also been working on The King of Oil, the adaptation of the Daniel Ammann book starring Matt Damon, set at Universal.

The Seventh Function of Language is in development already, and details of the process will be seen in upcoming news. Until then, you can submit your own story - a novel, screenplay, graphic novel, short story or article - to be evaluated for adaptation. Click here.