‘Marjorie Prime’ Producer Uri Singer And Former Netflix/Apple Executive George Berry Launch Searchable Library Of Content For Film, TV

Source: Deadline | Hollywood

Producer Uri Singer and former Netflix/Apple executive George Berry have launched TaleFlick, a searchable library of content that can be adapted for film, TV and digital platforms.

TaleFlick seeks to satisfy Hollywood’s seemingly insatiable appetite for new stories with a platform that allows studios and producers to search a vast collection of curated works for the books, short stories and other narrative works that fit their criteria.

“Today original content is the new gold and everybody’s looking for it, including myself as a producer,” Singer told Deadline. “I found that it’s complicated.”

Singer said the platform allows authors from around the world — like say Daniel Ammann, the Swiss author of a book he recently optioned, The King of Oil: The Secret Lives of Marc Rich — to gain exposure in Hollywood, without having connections.

“There are a lot of authors and a lot of stories that do not get a chance to be made because the top 200 books, the publishers give them directly to the studios,” Singer said.

Authors pay a one-time $88 fee to cover the cost of curation.

Singer and Berry invested in a new technology that uses machine learning to categorize and classify content, which human curators amplify with their own observations about the material.

“By applying the right balance of technology and human experience, TaleFlick can find those stories that are the ‘needles in the haystack, both efficiently and at scale,” said Berry.

Singer’s Passage Pictures production company gets the first shot at optioning these works, which would be made available through TaleFlick’s platform. Eventually, he plans to launch a marketplace where authors can connect with screenwriters to directly develop their own projects.