'Marjorie Prime' Producer, Former Netflix Exec Launch Book Database TaleFlick

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The platform is pitched as a searchable library of published books, short stories, and other written works.

Producer Uri Singer (Marjorie Prime) and former Netflix exec George Berry have launched TaleFlick, a platform that is designed to act as a searchable library of published books, short stories and other written works that are available as adaptable materials for film, TV and other media.

There is a $88 fee to submit materials to TaleFlick. The content is available for one year on the website, with authors retaining all rights to their books but giving TaleFlick the chance to bid on their dramatic rights and present the stories to studios and production companies.

TaleFlick was started as a response to the industry's demands for original intellectual property, according to its co-creators.

"As a producer, I’ve learned the importance of finding strong content and having a reliable source that can provide it. TaleFlick allows studios and producers, like myself, to find stories that otherwise would not have had a chance to be seen,” said Singer, who recently optioned the book The King of Oil, partnering with John Krasinski’s Sunday Night Productions. Matt Damon is attached to star for Universal.

Added Berry: “By applying the right balance of technology and human experience, TaleFlick can find those stories that are the ‘needles in the haystack,' both efficiently and at scale.”