Article Optioned: Too Big to Jail

Source: The Economist

TaleFlick has just optioned the rights to "Too Big to Jail," an article on The Economist by Jacob Kushner and Daniel Ammann. It's the story of José Manuel Ramos, a senior member of the Medellín cartel that, in the 1990s, told prosecutors in America and Switzerland he would help them catch cocaine traffickers. Was Ramos really a reformed character? Or did he just tell the authorities what they wanted to hear?

Jacob Kushner is the author of “China’s Congo Plan: What the Economic Superpower Sees in the World’s Poorest Nation,” and Daniel Ammann is an award-winning journalist and the author of “The King of Oil: The Secret Lives of Marc Rich.” Ammann's book has been previously optioned by Uri Singer, Producer and CEO of TaleFlick, and is set to become a film starring Matt Damon and produced by Universal.

"Too Big to Jail" is in development already, and details of the process will be seen in upcoming news. Until then, you can submit your own story - a novel, screenplay, graphic novel, short story or article - to be evaluated for adaptation. Just click here.