Why Hollywood is Looking for Books to Turn into Movies

Hollywood is always on the hunt for an engaging plot to create an exciting movie. From action and romance to comedy and fantasy, every genre is worth exploring to find the latest hit. The demand for more movies is bigger than ever. New streaming services mean that it is not just big blockbuster films that Hollywood are concentrating on.

So, how is Hollywood filling the void? They are increasingly turning to authors for help. Book adaptations are just what film directors need to create the next big movie. The story is already there and ready to be created. This means there is a fantastic opportunity for authors to broaden their horizons and bring their pages to life.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Hollywood is looking for books to turn into movies and how this can be beneficial for authors.

The Demand for Original Content

The demand for original content is bigger now than ever before. With the popularity of online streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, there is an increasing need to release more movies into the digital sphere. Not only are people visiting the cinema to see the latest blockbuster, but they are also searching for entertaining movies at home every week.

For example, Netflix has around 139 million subscribers around the world. Paying for this service means that households demand exciting, new content on a regular basis. They do not just want the same popular movie plots told in a slightly differently way. They want authentic, unique content that has never been seen before. Of course, Hollywood is more than happy to oblige since they want to claim the next biggest hit.

Thus, this opens the doors for authors. They have the opportunity to create this original content through their novels. Hollywood now seeks not only best sellers for their movies but also independent authors. There are no boundaries. If you have a fresh, novel storyline with creative ideas, there is the potential to bring it to the big screen or households around the world.

An Opportunity for Worldbuilding

How do Hollywood find the next movie? Often, people will pitch their ideas and explain their scripts and screenplays. A screenplay pitch involves verbally trying to sell an idea to the industry. A lot of the time, ideas will be dismissed because they are uninteresting and difficult to visualise.

However, books are the opposite. They already come with a ready-made world that is full of opportunity. A novel can have a detailed landscape, intricate character development and exciting mythology. Movie directors can rely solely on a book for their plot or they have the chance to adapt and enjoy worldbuilding with a solid foundation. Authors can be part of this process too and see their story shared with a larger audience.

Previous Movies Have Been a Success

Let’s not forget that Hollywood wants fame and success with their movies. Their goal is for as many people as possible to see the movie and enjoy it. In order to do this, they use tried and tested methods with less risk that they know will succeed. Indeed, in the past, they have been successful with book adaptions and turning them into movies. So, why would they not want to continue to do this? The Maze Runner, The Fault in Our Stars and The Perks of Being a Wallflower are just a few examples of successful movies created from books. Authors big and small have the chance to create a story they love on paper and see it played on the big screen as a high grossing film.