Uri Singer: Our CEO Answers Yours Questions

What kind of unique opportunity can TaleFlick provide?

Our entire team comprises decades of successful careers within the entertainment industry, so we have created priceless relationships with important players and decision makers. TaleFlick was created based on those relationships, and how they can benefit authors that wouldn't get that type of contact otherwise. I'm personally involved with many projects (you can learn more about them on our news page), and our goal is to use those connections to get great stories out there.

Why is no one contacting me?

We use top story analysts that are very active within the entertainment industry. They have busy schedules, but we think it's important to take the time to have your story assessed by the proper professionals. It takes a couple of weeks for feedback reports and 3-4 weeks for pitch pages. We send your work to our analysts as soon as you submit. We're on it.

My Pitch Page is done. What now?

We will now send it out to producers according to their mandate - that means they let us know what kind of story they are looking for, and we send the story out accordingly. If they show interest, we send your book out in a secure digital room. If we receive an offer for your story's dramatic rights, we will reach out and put you in touch with the optioning producer to negotiate the terms. We are continuously checking for new mandates, so this is not a one-time thing. The story will be offered every time it matches a request. Producers and executives are also able to see your pitch page on the platform.

What does it mean to upgrade my account?

It means that you can get a better subscription plan by simply paying the difference. You can learn how to do it here. Once your story gets evaluated under the Standard and Premium plans, they can earn badges and be searched through them. That's how we identify our best stories. Our feedback report can also direct good stories through changes that can improve them. We want you to be picked.

I don't like the feedback that you gave me.

Keep in mind that the whole point of the feedback report is to know how development executives within the entertainment industry may perceive the project. The point is to assess the book for adaptation, not reviewing the work as a novel. If a particular trait wasn't highlighted by the report, it's probably because the analyst didn't think that was the main point of interest. That opens the door to reflection, and to the - sometimes harsh - possibility of people seeing the work in a different way. But we're on the same team - we want your story to be the best it can be, and the report is visible to you only. It will never hurt your chances.

How do I know if you're actually reading my whole story?

Under the Standard and Premium plans, all analysts read the whole book and are supervised while doing it; we use digital reading rooms to monitor their work.

How come I don't know which producers are looking at my story?

Once we have an interested party, we let you know immediately. Before that, our deal with industry professionals is that they can choose freely from the platform without interference. Many of you ask for the direct contact of filmmakers, but we have to respect their privacy - when people just send them material, they never look at it, because it's unsolicited material, and as such, a legal liability. They use TaleFlick as a proper channel, since by using our platform you're protected by our Terms of Service.

How do I know that my story will not be stolen?

We take copyright very seriously. We use Non-Disclosure Agreements, and encrypted digital rooms. We monitor who reads your story and how. Also, TaleFlick is a reputable company and has been operating for over 3 years, 

As a result, TaleFlick is informed on how IP moves through entertainment today. Stealing ideas, and by extension IP, simply does not happen as authors fear. Among many reasons, here are two: we can’t steal it because you are solely in possession of your novel's Chain of Title, and buyers won’t take a novel without the Chain of Title. Additionally, what makes a book great is not only what's on the page - it's the creator of the world, as they are the one who thought of the story to begin with. Therefore, removing the novel and the author via stealing is not beneficial to anyone and is actually counterproductive. As a producer myself, with major productions ongoing currently, I have never seen such an issue happen in my entire career.

Why do I have to pay?

Your fee covers the platform's maintenance, including its algorithm and the work of our team of story analysts/writers who evaluate your book and write the pitch pages.

I had no idea this was a subscription. You charged me without telling me.

We understand your frustration, but we are clear about our product from the very start. We are no different from Netflix or Amazon Prime - we're a service, and you get content as long as you're a member. The difference is that we charge once a year. Once you choose a subscription plan, you get an email with a link to manage your subscription, and you can cancel at any time through there or through your account menu. You will also be notified before any renewals. 


Do you have any more questions? Please send them to contact@taleflick.com. 

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