Jesus in Kashmir The Lost Tomb

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Suzanne Olsson

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Living among Taliban and terrorists while gathering info about an alleged tomb of Jesus in India- a tomb now under threat of destruction- Includes search for genealogy of Jesus, genetic engineering, and how to identify desposyni existing today through DNA studies. Exciting new ideas.



Short Summary

Our family genealogy search changed dramatically after our DNA results. I found surprises, a great g.grandmother who was Ashkenazi.This led me to the Levant, and to years of research in India & Pakistan at an ancient tomb, the secret grave of Jesus? Mind-boggling new information...

9-11 happened while I was in midst of Taliban in Pakistan. I stayed on, risking it all to obtain DNA from ancient tombs. I failed. However, the true discoveries were within my own DNA. A fascinating true story with amazing breakthroughs regarding the DNA of Biblical prophets.


Central Asia (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East)

Based on a True Story


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Main Character Details

Name: Self and Jesus Bloodlines

Age: mid-50's

Gender: Female

Role: Logical

Key Traits: Religious,Honorable,Heroic,Adventurous,Strong Moral Code

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Name: Ashkenazi Jews

Age: 2500n years

Gender: Female

Role: Logical

Key Traits: Religious,Gracious,Heroic

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Name: a vanishing race of people

Age: 6,000 years

Gender: Other

Role: logical

Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Honorable,Strong Moral Code

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Development Pitch

This started as an ordinary interest in family genealogy. A DNA test and new knowledge came forth about a little immigrant great grandmother who was Ashkenazi Jew. Jesus must have been an Ashkenazi Jew. Why? Because there were just four founding mothers for this lineage, miracle births following the visits of angels, the origin of all Ashkenazi today. Could it be possible to use DNA to identify desposyni in the world today? YES! I went to a little-known tomb in Kashmir, the RozaBal, believed by millions to be the real final resting place of Jesus. I wanted the DNA from that tomb, but terrorists, and even Christian fundamentalists attacked me for these unconventional ideas. This is my story of an amazing journey and amazing new discoveries. This book is dedicated to the ancestors.

About The Author

JESUS IN KASHMIR-THE LOST TOMB Biblical Genealogy-Breakthroughs Based Upon Latest DNA Studies, includes Discoveries in India . _____________________________________________ There are many firsts in this book because there are vast new DNA data bases worldwide. The author is the first to trace the latest DNA tests on Ashkenazi Jews back to their Biblical origins: Genesis 6: "The angels produced children who became the great men of of renown..." There were just four founding mothers for all Ashkenazi Jews, all from the Levant, and all about 2500-2000 years ago...and there were just seven Biblical mentions of angels 'visiting' women since about 2500 years ago. Coincidence? Or genetic engineering? Today, Ashkenazi have the highest IQ's worldwide, and yet are endangered and at risk of another Holocaust (in Palestine and Israel) and face total extinction according to the Charter of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan and most Nobel prize winners were all Ashkenazi Jews. Can the world afford to lose all its Jews? But that's not the worse of it! A Christian is also killed at the rate of one every five minutes somewhere in the world, yet these statistics never make the news. Why? If all Christians and Jews are killed, what will remain? Will this make the world a better place? Or not? This is ground-breaking new territory to explore, and this author is the first to go there.

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Age: 55+,35-54,18-34

Target Gender: Universal

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Status: Yes: self-published

Year Published: 2002/ revised 2021

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