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1980s & '90s

Michael Martin

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What went on in Texas politics during the election of Ronald Reagan. True account of 1981 shooting of a Texas state legislator. The life turmoil resulting from the incident. Picking up the pieces and starting over


Political,Crime,Biographical,Young Adult

Short Summary

I stepped out on the capitol steps and sniffed the stagnant humid air that had me feeling trapped in my own skin. At two o'clock in the morning I am not in the mood for that kind of weather. Austin in July really taxes my energy reserves and a chip sat on my shoulder a mile wide.


Austin, Texas 1981

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise


Plot - Other Elements

Meaningful Message

Mature Audience Themes

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Main Character Details

Name: Michael Martin

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Role: Emotional

Key Traits: Aggressive,Desperate,Educated,Leader,Naive,Secretive,Selfless,Power Hungry

Additional Character Details

Name: Ronnie Earl, District Attorney

Age: 50

Gender: Male

Role: Antagonist

Key Traits: Criminal,Blunt,Power Hungry,Secretive

Additional Character Details

Name: Charles Goff

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Clumsy,Confident,Crazy,Criminal,Desperate,Empathetic,Greedy,Insecure,Lone Wolf,Manipulative,Secretive,Selfless,Uneducated,Villainous

Additional Character Details

Name: Charles Goff

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Clumsy,Crazy,Criminal,Desperate,Greedy,Insecure,Selfless,Uneducated,Villainous

About The Author

I am a retired engineer and former Texas State Legislator. In 1981 I was shot during a special session during the 67th Legislature. After concealing the real truth and a lot of lies told to police about the shooting, a cousin appeared out of the blue and accused me of paying him to do it. A case of perjury was brought against me where I spent 2 years defending myself before resigning. This is a short story about the event and what lead to my resignation.

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

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