• Submit one book, script, short story, article or graphic novel.
  • Get a dedicated Book Profile, with cover and information about the Story
  • Analysis by exclusive Algorithm
  • Listing in searchable digital library
  • Write your own pitch to producers
$99 Select


  • Get everything in Basic Plan
  • Selected titles become TaleFlick Picks and Top Picks
  • Feedback: Full-On Review by professional screenwriters, focusing on Film/TV Adaptation
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  • Get everything in Basic and Standard Plan
  • Pitch Page written by professional screenwriters (editable up to two times)
  • Click for Example Pitch Page
  • Active sending of the story to producers (according to mandate)
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$99 Select
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What Kind of Stories Do You Accept?

Books, Screenplays, Graphic Novels, and Short Stories of all genres.

What Happens After I Upload My Story?

Once you upload your story, it will enter our system and go through our process. Depending on the plan you purchase, we use a combination of algorithms and real human readers to evaluate and present the stories. All paid submissions are available in our online library. Free submissions can see the library from the inside, but are not searchable. You can upgrade to other plans at any time.

May I Submit a Series of Books at Once?

No. Each subscription pertains to one book. If you have a series, you have to purchase a plan for each volume. If your digital file is a compilation of volumes, we will only assess the first one - even if the story continues throughout the volumes.

When Can I Expect to Hear from You?

Basic subscribers will receive an email shortly after submissions; Standard and Premium will receive feedback and the pitch page within a couple of weeks. The content that producers and studios look for is constantly changing, therefore we cannot predict when and if your story will be chosen - but it will be available in our library for the duration of your subscription, and Premium stories will be sent directly to producers.

What's the Acceptable Length for a Book?

The average novel is 90,000 words long. While we understand that many stories surpass that, we may charge an extra fee under Standard and Premium for books with more than 130,000 words, since the assessment will take more time.

How Does the Algorithm Work?

Upon submission, our algorithm analyzes each story pertaining structure, number of words, pages, and uses the information entered by the author to optimize searching and make sure the story will be seen by producers.

What is Feedback?

A professional screenwriter will read, analyze and grade your story, its structure, commerciality, characterization, uniqueness, and how ready it is for production, among over twenty different aspects. It is a detailed assessment, complete with possible paths for improvement, and a guide of the next steps to take.

What is the Pitch Page by TaleFlick?

This is a one-page sheet summarizing the story in a Film/TV industry standard format, including a section called 'What We Liked,' a Full Summary, and more. This will maximize your story’s opportunity for Film/TV adaptation consideration. The book or script will be read in its entirety and TaleFlick will create the Pitch Page for you.

What are TaleFlick Picks and Top Picks?

A book or script becomes a pick and gets the badges above when graded a "Consider" or a "Recommend" by a story analyst under our Standard and Premium plans. It means that your story can be searched through that filter on the platform, increasing its chances of being picked.

Is Uploading My Story Secure?

Maintaining the security and privacy of our users' data is our utmost concern at TaleFlick -- our success and credibility depend on it. All data, including any stories, you enter into TaleFlick remains yours, and we are committed to ensuring that your data is not seen by anyone who should not see it. TaleFlick's data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers, submitted stories get watermarked, and any human readers sign NDAs to ensure you and TaleFlick are protected.