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J. D. May

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Two doctors discover a secret society of rogue international agents that plan to eliminate entire groups of people with specific DNA and who think differently than they. The doctors soon realize that they must play with one devil to avoid being burned by both.



Short Summary

Factor-7 follows Dr. Sam Hawkins, a trauma surgeon whose life is changed forever by the cryptic words of a dying friend and the series of strange murders that follow his passing. As Sam pulls the string, he realizes that his friend had uncovered a clandestine plot by the Collegium.

Sam and Rainee have finally found peace after terror followed them for almost two years. The Keepers, an underground organization, as old as the Illuminati and the Free Masons give them a secret and swear to protect them, as they know more will come of the hate that consumes the world.


Galveston Texas, Mexico, Italy, Mali

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain,Quest

Plot - Other Elements


Mature Audience Themes

Extreme Violence, Language/Profanity,Nudity

Main Character Details

Name: Dr. Sam Hawkins and Dr. Rainee Arienzo

Age: 40ish

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Complex,Masculine,Heroic,Educated,Honorable,Strong Moral Code,Desperate

Additional Character Details

Name: Rainee Arienzo

Age: late 30's

Gender: Female

Role: Sidekick

Key Traits: Aggressive,Charming,Complex,Confident,Decisive,Desperate,Engaging,Sexy,Outspoken,Skillful,Heroic,Honorable,Leader,Strong Moral Code,Unapologetic

Additional Character Details

Name: Dr. John Albright

Age: 40ish

Gender: Other

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Badass,Aggressive,Charming,Complex,Confident,Crazy,Criminal,Decisive,Desperate,Greedy,Villainous,Narcisstic,Sexy,Power Hungry,Skillful,Secretive,Manipulative,Unapologetic

Additional Character Details

The author has not yet written this

Development Pitch

Factor-7 is a story of our times and will withstand the test of time. It is ripped from the headlines. It is a story of raw human emotions, hatred, greed and how the smallest of choices can have life altering consequences. The truth is more dangerous than the bio-weapon and evil plot that Sam and Rainee seek to expose. It evokes terror, hatred, empathy and the "what if? factor", even for the most evil of the characters. The words of the book paint a picture in the mind of the reader. It would adapt beautifully into film.

About The Author

J.D. May is a third generation Texan from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. She loves her band of house cats as well as the large tribe of fat, happy TNR’d feral cats that came with her rural property in a small citrus-growing community. Palm tree-lined roads, natural waterways, and roaming wild animals including alligators, deer, wild hogs, and birds of every color make Bayview a perfect place for a writer and painter. She also loves the beach, rock and roll, Tex-Mex food, cooking, Shiner Bock beer, and she believes wine is a legitimate food group. She shows her paintings at The Laguna Madre Art Gallery in Port Isabel, Texas. J.D. May attended Sam Houston State University, San Miguel de Allende Instituto, and Rice University where she studied drama, art, creative writing and Spanish. J.D. May worked in advertising for most of her career. She is married to a former award-winning surfer and has a daughter and soon to have a brand-new granddaughter.

Target Audiences

Age: 55+,35-54

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

Information not completed

Publishing Details

Status: Yes: with a Publisher

Publisher: Palmetto Publiishing

Year Published: 2021

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Sam gets thrust into a dark world after his friend dies from a mysterious virus. He is tasked with uncovering the plan to release the virus into the public. He meets Rainee and together they have to stop Albright who is working to free the virus.. They succeed but find themselves facing a new foe when they think they're safe.

Overall Rating


Point of View


Narrative Elements

Authors Writing Style: GOOD

Characterization: GOOD

Commerciality: GOOD

Franchise Potential: EXCELLENT

Pace: GOOD

Premise: GOOD

Structure: GOOD

Theme: GOOD

Accuracy of Book Profile

Yes, the book profile accurately reflects the book.

Draw of Story

The story immediately explains the plot. Sam is working a shift at the hospital where he tries to save his friends life from a grotesque virus. His dying friend whispers some information to him. As Sam tries to find out what kind of mysterious virus killed his friend, he is swept up into a plot of a deadly virus and a an ancient organization.

Possible Drawbacks

The story is drawn out towards the end. The main plot seems to be over but the last 100 pages drag on with mundane events of the characters and then try to extend the story by bringing it fill circle with The Keepers. That is all good and well, but the time between them stopping the virus from getting out and the end is unnecessarily drawn out. The lack of chronology is an exciting feature in the book, but at times it makes us feel a little lost. If the film's idea is to take an "indie" path, where memories, reflections, and dreams are molded to the current action, the non-chronological order is an interesting path. If the focus is to follow Eli's journey in building the new man he is, in a more traditional drama, a slightly more chronological order might be more appealing.

Use of Special Effects


Primary Hook of Story

The hook is that a man made virus is being prepared to be released to the public and Dr. Sam Hawkins must uncover who is behind it and how to stop them. The story has been developed well and has a great balance between action, science fiction and suspense.

Fanbase Potential

This could have a large fanbase. It is a solid story that would appeal to a large audience. There is action and suspense as well as science fiction and a little romance. It also leaves the story open for exploration.

Awards Potential

This could have awards potential with the right actors in the parts. Sam is an interesting character, not the typical hero type. There are some great moments to be played.

Envisioned Budget


Similar Films/TV Series


What’s New About the Story

This story is original because of the science incorporated. The virus is deadly to some based off of their DNA. It is timely because of the pandemic but differs enough that it won't put the audience off.

Lead Characters

The lead character, Sam, is more complex than a typical male lead. He isn't the charming lead, he has more nuance to him which is refreshing. Rainee also is more developed than some female characters that are "sidekicks" in the story.

Uniqueness of Story

This is not a rare gem but it is a solid, entertaining story. It was developed well and delivers on many levels.

Possible Formats

Film: Studio, Streaming TV Series: Network, Cable, Streaming

Analyst Recommendation



The story is exciting and entertaining. There is a complexity to the world , the science is flushed out and deepens the suspense of the story. There is a little bit of everything in the story that would appeal to a broad audience and it relates to everyone in a "post-pandemic" world.