Sempre Amore: A Tale from The Land of Milk and Urine

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Contemporary,Across Centuries

Erik Carucci

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A young Immortal discovers there's a price to pay for everlasting life. His greatest love and their city face threats from others of his kind. He is confronted with the challenge of towering above his gore soaked beginnings to finally embracing his cosmic birthright.



Short Summary

Tiberius is an Immortal living in the bloody shadows of Troy. He dispenses justice and salves his cravings upon streets of darkness. All the while, he yearns for acceptance and love. Finally, he emerges into our world for the heart of a woman. Bloom turns to frost, when the family comes to town.

Tiberius discovers brutal truths previously unknown. To save his enigmatic and lost creator, he must engage in a contest already decided by fate. With no hope of victory, Tiberius must fight on for his love and all of creation. Regardless the outcome and impact, his ascension has already begun.


Troy, New York

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain,Quest,Tragedy,Internal Journey/Rebirth

Plot - Other Elements

Coming of Age,Twist,Philosophical Questions,Meaningful Message

Mature Audience Themes

Extreme Violence, Language/Profanity,Nudity

Main Character Details

Name: Tiberius

Age: 105

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Masculine,Complex,Faithful,Skillful,Romantic,Sarcastic,Honorable,Strong Moral Code,Modest,Empathetic,Blunt,Naive

Additional Character Details

Name: Beth

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Role: Emotional

Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Badass,Complex,Sexy,Outspoken,Skillful,Engaging,Romantic,Sarcastic,Heroic,Unapologetic,Educated

Additional Character Details

Name: Ivan

Age: 847

Gender: Male

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Villainous,Aggressive,Narcisstic,Criminal,Crazy,Desperate,Insecure,Manipulative,Lone Wolf,Greedy

Additional Character Details

Name: Deth

Age: 14 billion

Gender: Male

Role: tempter

Key Traits: Aggressive,Crazy,Desperate,Manipulative,Unapologetic,Adventurous,Masculine,Narcisstic,Charming,Complex,Confident,Engaging,Visionary,Secretive,Leader,Outspoken

Development Pitch

This a book that is perfect for the Hollywood treatment! A dark fantasy with action, intrigue, and suspense. It's a sci-fi and horror hybrid that is fresh and engaging. With a new take on vampirism, universal consequences, loyalty, and sacrifice, it will wow audiences and critics alike. Think, vampires as nonage beings with the possibility of ascension to empyrean godhood. With a deep mix of fact and fiction, It can be easily converted into a movie as well as a series. We have Tiberius, a young reluctant Immortal, who dispenses justice and quenches his thirst with the evildoer's blood. All the while, he craves acceptance and love. Enter Beth; a strong and decisive woman who's had a hard life but always gets back up after a knockdown. Tiberius takes a job to get closer to her and they begin to walk a new path together. However, their happiness is soon tested by his "family". His demented brother Ivan is in town to kill their maker and unravel the universe. The creator is an enigmatic cosmic enforcer known as Deth. Deth was a contemporary astronaut that was transformed and sent to the early universe. He is unhinged and beyond mortal restrictions. Despite his vast abilities and travels through time and space, he needs Tiberius to step up and end his brother's mad quest. With the help of his mentor, Alexander the Great, he hopes to end this demented enterprise, discover his birthright, and find true love with Beth.

About The Author

Erik Carucci is a hard working character from Troy, New York. Born with an uncanny sense of self and the need to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers. He struts across his native land with power and grace. Erik lives in the heart of the city; a living example of what Troy's all about.

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

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Publishing Details

Status: Yes: self-published

Publisher: TroyCore Media

Year Published: 2016

Hard Copy Available




Supplemental Materials

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