Diary Of Saint Shy Shy

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Its about A young lady who's the talk of the town. She has no parental guidance. But she has a relationship with God. But as a result of disobedience constant bad things happen to her. So she repents back to God. She goes through mountains of spiritual warfare. But always comes out un-touched.



Short Summary

She's a young child molested, but grew up in the church. started having sex at a very young age. she was a sinner and was the talk of the whole town.

She was a matured saint and she grew in God. All of her fears were defeated. She went through tons of spiritual warfare and thought killing herself would be the only way out. She was put in a situation that only God could help her.


Beaverton Oregon

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Voyage and Return

Plot - Other Elements

Coming of Age,Happy Ending,Meaningful Message

Mature Audience Themes

Sexual Abuse,Substance Abuse

Main Character Details

Name: Tori

Age: 13-28

Gender: Female

Role: Emotional

Key Traits: Modest,Adventurous,Charming,Obedient,Sexy,Religious,Desperate,Selfless,Seductive,Naive

Additional Character Details

Name: life

Age: 1,000,000,000,000,000???

Gender: Other

Role: Mentor

Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Underdog,Modest,Charming,Aggressive,Complex,Crazy,Empathetic,Skillful,Seductive,Unapologetic,Clumsy

Additional Character Details

The author has not yet written this

Additional Character Details

The author has not yet written this

Development Pitch

This book is simply about life's up's and down's. I deeply believe that their is definitely a higher power. I deeply believe that the choices we make is really us walking into our destiny blindly. No one means for bad things to happen to them...right? Oh stuff happens that's just life....no! Their is a higher power. And you are not 100% in charge of what happens to you. So therefore we need God and he is real.

About The Author

Cheyenne carter grew up in the state of Oregon. She was raised in a single parent home. I was shy and quiet as a small child. I don't remember being needy. And I didn't complain a lot. But one tragedy that happened to me as a small child. Was that I was molested. And I was molested so many times that I stopped crying, or trying to say no. I grew up and lost my virginity at a very young age. When it happened I didn't want to do it. But I didn't speak up. My eyes just grew big, and I just flopped back on the bed like a trance. As a result I grew up way too fast. I was beautiful so of course everybody had something to say. But nothing to say about the other fast girls my age doing the exact same thing. Eventually God brought me to him. I repented and it made me very happy. It was the happiest I had ever been. But of course since I was so young I went back to my old ways. But Abba was right on my tail. And he came to me through divine intervention, and beautiful yet very scary prophetic word. The things that were said were all correct. And what made it even scarier......was the warning. I took heed and started to repent. But it didn't last long. Yes satan came at me with some pressure! And like a fool I folded. But ever since that day a lot of bad things just kept happening. I was being chastened by my loving father God.

Target Audiences

Age: 13-17,18-34,35-54,55+

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

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Publishing Details

Status: Yes: self-published

Publisher: KDP Kindle

Year Published: 2018

Hard Copy Available



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