The Planet Star - Unfolding Prophecy

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C.M. Chakrabarti

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Widows are promised a new life in the Khalian Solar System, but sinister forces have deceived and lured them to Thesbis- The planet of Widows, to find the one widow prophesied to possess the only weapon to destroy the mighty Empire of the Lord of Uni.



Short Summary

A young widow stands in the doorway of home thinking about preparations needed to leave her home planet to reestablish her life in another galaxy. Unable to afford a program on her home planet. she heads to Thesbis, Planet of Widows. She does not know that she is the prophesied widow.

The evil Lord battles with the King and owner of The Planet Star. The King wounds the evil Lord and activates The Planet Star. The evil Lord runs out of the place of battle heading for his spacecraft. He stumbles onto the widow, drags her into his spacecraft, and takes off.


Planet Tima; Thesbis; Galan

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain

Plot - Other Elements


Mature Audience Themes

Information not completed

Main Character Details

Name: Shreela Bakra

Age: approx. 38 years old

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Confident,Decisive,Engaging,Gracious,Educated,Honorable

Additional Character Details

Name: King Ewlon Galan

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Masculine,Confident,Decisive,Empathetic,Gracious,Leader,Honorable,Skillful

Additional Character Details

Name: Milan Mariko

Age: 40s

Gender: Male

Role: sidekick

Key Traits: Adventurous,Masculine,Clumsy,Funny,Educated

Additional Character Details

Name: Uzak, Lord of the Unian Solar System

Age: ageless

Gender: Male

Role: antagonist

Key Traits: Villainous,Narcisstic,Blunt,Power Hungry,Unapologetic,Sarcastic,Badass,Complex,Skillful,Outspoken,Leader,Secretive,Criminal,Desperate,Aggressive,Confident,Manipulative

Development Pitch

Widows kidnapped on the planet, Thesbis, are carried off to the renin mining colonies on planet Uni, where they are enslaved and murdered. King Ewlon Galan suspects the evil Lord of Uni, who searches for the widow prophesied to destroy his mighty empire. Recently widowed Shreela Bakra heads out into the galaxy for retraining on planet Thesbis, unaware that she is the prophesied widow. Before she can fully settle into her new home, she is brutally kidnapped by the Unian Military Force. Their plan is foiled when Ewlon rescues the widow, and together they race against time to activate The Planet Star. The basic theme of this story is to determine whether or not it is possible to change the outcome, of a prophecy by manipulating events. This is what the Antagonist, Lord Uzak, has set out to do. He has been kidnapping widows to keep a prophecy from coming to fruition. This leads to an adventure where Lord Uzak realizes that the long-sought prophesied widow is now here and has escaped his clutches. He chases her and her allies across the galaxy to keep them from completing an act that would destroy his planet and his power.

About The Author

C. M. Chakrabarti was born Cheryll M. Conaway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was the youngest daughter of Robert Conaway, a U.S. Steelworker, and Georgia Strayhorn Conaway (both deceased). Cheryll spent her elementary years in Pittsburgh but moved with her family to New York City where she attended junior high and high school. Several years after graduation, Cheryll returned to Pittsburgh where she graduated with a B. S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh. C. M. Chakrabarti worked for 18 years as a software applications developer, statistical analyst in research and development for the Hospital Utilization Project (HUP) sponsored by the Allegheny County Medical Society and the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, until 1990. It was during this time that The Planet Star was first constructed. In 2001, C.M. Chakrabarti attended a small college to study opera and now works as a Board member for Undercroft Opera, Inc., in Pittsburgh, PA.

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

Information not completed

Publishing Details

Status: Yes: self-published

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co.

Year Published: 2019 w Dorrance; 2008 with American Book Publishers (now gone)

Hard Copy Available



ISBN: 978-1-6442-6212-2




Shreela, a new widow, is tricked into living on planet Thesbis. When it is discovered she is the widow of the prophecies she is double kidnapped by Lori Uni. King Ew of Thesbis has to save her in order for them to activate the prophecy.

Overall Rating


Point of View


Narrative Elements

Authors Writing Style: FAIR

Characterization: FAIR

Commerciality: GOOD

Franchise Potential: GOOD

Pace: FAIR

Premise: FAIR

Structure: GOOD

Theme: FAIR

Accuracy of Book Profile

The book profile does well in describing the novel, especially in detailing the special themes of the book in the development pitch. The logline could be more focused on the protagonist within the premise rather than the solar system itself so that there is a better understanding of what the external and internal main conflicts are of the piece.

Draw of Story

The fact that Shreela is double kidnapped and must team up with the place she didn't want to go to in the first place is an interesting dynamic.

Possible Drawbacks

Many of the characters have a similar speech pattern which makes the dialogue sometimes hard to differentiate and gauge different character dynamics from. The dialogue can also be exposition heavy which is better to show some actions rather than tell at certain junctures.

Use of Special Effects


Primary Hook of Story

The hook is that everyone but Shreela knows she is the chosen widow and this leaves her vulnerable to being kidnapped. She has to make the best of a bad situation and learn in her new surroundings who truly has the best interests of society at heart as both sides are trying to pit her against the other.

Fanbase Potential

This could potentially have a decent size fanbase for fans of sci-fi but it might be too high-fantasy for some viewers and the audience would depend on the platform.

Awards Potential

Given its setting in space and fantasy themes of trying to change prophecy, this is unlikely to be a film awards contender but could gain interest character-wise in the television arena with further development and depending on the episode.

Envisioned Budget


Similar Films/TV Series


What’s New About the Story

The originality of the world stems the protagonist having to trust herself to choose which side to follow given that she’s forced to listen to both sides as they both try to exert control over her and discredit the other side.

Lead Characters

Shreela is observant, practical and adaptable. Ew is valiant and somewhat bold. Uzak is desperate and committed to sustaining his power.

Uniqueness of Story

The concept of trying to alter prophecies is interesting but the characters, especially in their dynamics, are a bit underdeveloped, to fully engage in the world.

Possible Formats

Film: Studio, Indie, Streaming TV Series: Streaming

Analyst Recommendation



While the story has many positive points, it has room for improvement (see possible paths below). If you can't change the story at this point, my suggestion is using your notes as a guide to highlight the best aspects of it when taking the next steps, either putting a pitch page together, a treatment, or a presentation.

Tips for Improvement

Creating more dynamic side characters with greater differentiation in their dialogue and types of interaction will better create emotional investment on both sides of the fight. Rather than having characters explain what they did or what they will do, sometimes switching up to showing instead of telling will sustain tension longer as the motivation isn't always apparent at first glance of an action.