The Dreadful Tango in Paris

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Charles Z David

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The Dreadful Tango in Paris – Synopsis Le Docteur, the arch-terrorist, founds NEMESIS - Nationwide Emirate in the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, and the Sharia – a radicalized Islamic movement that is supposed to replace the dwindling Daesh. NEMESIS targets Crusaders, Colonialists and Communists as the enemies of Islam, and later adds Capitalists and Jews to the list. Le Docteur doesn't hesitate to use radiological, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, WMDs, to terrorize citizens and disrupt their way of life. His masterplan is to manufacture an improvised nuclear device from the nuclear fuel of a decommissioned Soviet ice-breaker and to detonate in the heart of London when the Israeli Prime Minister meets with the British PM. With a handful of dedicated followers, he starts by shooting up civilians and army officers and by bombing sites in Paris that are symbols of Western civilization. These attacks create a diversion that enable his people to steal radioactive materials from the Curie Institute that are later used to detonate a 'dirty bomb' in the banking district of Zurich. With the help of a naïve female Egyptian scientist a unique biological weapon is developed. It is effective only against people who consume alcohol – something devout Muslims refrain from – and thus preferentially targets the infidels. A clandestine laboratory in Bled, Slovenia, produces the bio-agent and test-runs on unsuspecting innocent citizens prove its potency. Chemicals introduced into the closed ventilation system of commercial airplanes lead to unexplained crashes. The psychological effect is tremendous. People are afraid to go out to public places – cinemas and theaters close-down, concerts and public events are cancelled and even cafés and restaurants go out of business. Tourism is down and the economy suffers an unprecedented crisis. The French intelligence services are at a loss and contact Mossad for help. David Avivi and his beautiful French contact, Claire Barthez, are assigned to the case. With the help of David's elite team, they manage to trace the mysterious Le Docteur, who turns out to be a professor at the Sorbonne who became a radical Islamist. The ruthless arch-terrorist doesn't hesitate to murder the women who were his one-time lovers as well as his supporters when they are no longer useful. The fissile material from the core of the nuclear propelled ice-breaker is transported from Russia through Finland to the UK and is used to construct a primitive atomic device, that is placed in the heart of London. The Mossad team arrives at the site of the bomb too late but due to its faulty design it fails to create a nuclear explosion. Le Docteur gets away unscathed and makes his way to a safe-haven in Canada. The frustrated David Avivi correctly assumes that the world hasn't seen the end of the mischief caused by the arch-terrorist. The basic scheme of this book comprises classical components such as treachery, sedition, sex, NEMESIS a new Islamic terror organization and the conflict between Islam and western culture, but there are several twists and surprises in the plot. The Dreadful Tango in Paris is the fifth novel in the series of thrillers that focus on the perils to Western society posed by radical Islam whose goal is to obtain a nuclear device. Charles Z. David is the pen-name of nuclear scientist who worked for the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission until his retirement. During his scientific career he participated in international conferences that dealt with the threat of nuclear terrorism and insights gained there inspired him to write his thrillers. He lets his imagination run wild because he firmly believes that failure of imagination is the root cause for most successful acts of terror that could, and should, have been avoided.


Suspense / Thriller, War, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Political

Short Summary

The arch-terrorist, Le Docteur, founds NEMESIS and is determined to fight for an Islamic Caliphate to replace declining ISIS (Daesh). He uses biological, chemical, radioactive dispersion devices and nuclear means to install terror among his enemies.


Paris, Madrid, Bled (Slovenia), London

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain

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Meaningful Message, Twist

Mature Audience Themes

Extreme Violence

Main Character Details

Name: Le Docteur - Arch-terrorist

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Role: Antagonist

Key Traits: Skillful, Badass, Educated, Leader, Manipulative, Masculine, Charming, Complex, Criminal, Religious, Sophisticated, Adventurous, Engaging, Patriotic, Aggressive, Power-hungry, Villainous

Additional Character Details

Name: David Avivi - Mossad Agent

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Engaging, Leader, Masculine, Patriotic, Selfless, Skillful, Strong Moral Code, Adventurous, Honorable, Decisive, Educated, Faithful, Secretive, Sophisticated, Complex, Heroic

Additional Character Details

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Additional Character Details

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Age: 35-54

Target Gender: Universal

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Status: Yes: self-published

Year Published: 2017

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