Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here?

Bobbett Bettencourt

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    20th Century (multiple decades)











    It is an autobiography about recovery, hope and redemption. Written in hopes to help individuals heal.

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    Age: 55+,35-54,18-34

    Target Gender: Universal


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    Based on a True Story


    Publishing Details

    Status: Yes: with a Publisher

    Publisher: Insight Publishing

    Year Published: 2012

    Starting Description

    First thoughts of her young childhood and how she grew up feeling not nurtured and loved; as she grew up working hard on her fathers dairy. Through the trials and struggles she encountered up until her adult life with drug addiction and hiding everything from everyone especially her husband.

    Ending Description

    Finding recovery in her faith in God; her aspiration was to send her message to all who struggle with a drug addiction and how she overcame all her pain and shame to become victorious and strong.

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    Plot - Other Elements

    Happy Ending,Meaningful Message

    Plot - Premise

    Internal Journey/Rebirth

    Main Character Details

    Name: Bobbett Bettencourt

    Age: 31

    Gender: Female

    Role: Emotional

    Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Aggressive,Charming,Complex,Confident,Crazy,Empathetic,Engaging,Faithful,Gracious,Flexible,Educated,Honorable,Leader,Modest,Obedient,Religious,Blunt,Selfless,Outspoken,Skillful,Funny,Visionary,Romantic,Sarcastic,Strong Moral Code

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    Additional Character Details

    The author has not yet written this

    Additional Character Details

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    Development Pitch

    Life can be a struggle, but it doesn't have to be... Who am I anyway and why am I here? Two questions would dance in the mind of one little country girl, until one day, God gave her the answers she was searching for. He opened her eyes after a lifetime of pain & woke her up to the true meaning of love, compassion & forgiveness. Growing up on a dairy farm in a large family, there wasn't much time for love and nurturing, only work. As the middle child, she got lost in the shuffle of it all. She struggled to understand the life that God had given her. Life didn't make much sense, so the questions came. In that struggle, she found comfort in the form of a drug. But her comfort would soon become her enemy. She struggled with an addiction for over fifteen years, hiding it the best she could, until one day she broke and found herself in rehab. With the release of that enemy and now on a course to find her true self, God would bring her on a journey of hope and miracles. And what she found was a true surrender to God and His will and the wonderful redemption of her soul. This is the story of that journey...




    A girl grows up feeling forgotten and unloved by her parents, made to work long hours on the family farm. As she gets older she turns to boys and drugs to fill that gap, and her drug addiction gets out of control by the time she’s an adult. Years later she finally gets clean in order to better provide for her two young sons, and to save her marriage. She finds God and seeks to spread a message of His love to help others.

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    Authors Writing Style: FAIR

    Characterization: FAIR

    Commerciality: GOOD

    Franchise Potential: FAIR

    Pace: FAIR

    Premise: FAIR

    Structure: FAIR

    Theme: EXCELLENT

    Accuracy of Book Profile

    The Book Profile accurately reflects the book overall. The only thing to consider changing would be a stronger logline and adjusting the target audience to skew older and toward women.

    Draw of Story

    Bobbett’s home life is immediately intriguing. The way the farm is described, and the work she and her siblings have to do there, is vivid and easy to imagine. It feels like you’re right there with her, struggling to herd in stubborn animals during a thunderstorm. There are a handful of these moments throughout the book, where the visual language is so strong that it’s impossible not to feel apart of what is happening on the page.

    Possible Drawbacks

    The story moves at an uneven pace, and it is often solely driven forward because time is progressing. There is no larger narrative shaping which scenes are included and the order in which they’re included. Everything plods along in mostly chronological order, and events aren’t tied together thematically. This makes the story feel as though it’s simply meandering through the protagonist’s life, rather than painting a larger picture and driving home a message. Identifying a clearer through line with which to lead the audience through a cohesive story would fix this.

    Use of Special Effects


    Primary Hook of Story

    The themes and messages in the book are full of love, which are fantastic hooks to carry over into a movie. Films that focus on Christian themes are often enough of a motivation to pack a theater regardless, but it’s especially great that this stays so positive throughout, as does its protagonist. We want to follow Bobbett through her trials because she never backs down and strives for what’s right.

    Fanbase Potential

    Movies with Christian leanings typically have great success finding an audience, and there’s no reason to think this would be any exception.

    Awards Potential

    Due to the focus on Christianity, it’s unlikely this would have awards potential as it limits the audience. If that were toned down and the protagonist’s struggle with addiction were the focus, it would have more potential. That said, there are awards specifically for faith-based films, and it could surely be a contender for those.

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    Similar Films/TV Series


    What’s New About the Story

    Bobbett’s struggle with substance abuse is familiar ground for TV and movies, so anything that makes her story stand out from the pack is fantastic. The fact that she has the support (mostly) of her family is great, as is the fact that she’s so positive about both going to rehab and staying sober. She knows she needs to change something, and ultimately something good comes out of her woes — her faith. She’s able to completely turn her life around, and that’s inspiring.

    Lead Characters

    The fact that this is an autobiographical memoir makes Bobbett stand out as a protagonist, because who could be better at telling her own story? All of this happened to her, and she had to overcome it, and that undoubtedly makes her stand out. As referenced above, her positivity also shines through, and any moments where that can be leaned into will only be more successful.

    Uniqueness of Story

    Though there are some moments that make this story feel unique, specifically in Bobbett’s characterization, overall it is not a rare gem. The story of addiction is a familiar one, and it’s not the main focus of the book. Anything that can be done to strengthen the central plot of the book would help it to be stronger. In its current form it somewhat meanders scene to scene throughout the protagonist’s life, and there’s not a narrative driving the story and engaging the audience.

    Possible Formats

    Film: Indie, Streaming

    Analyst Recommendation



    The book does not have a central through line, and as a result the pace is slow. Though Bobbett is a strong protagonist, none of the other characters stand out as particularly memorable. There are some interesting supporting characters, but most of them are only in a chapter or two, and then they disappear. Bobbett’s husband is not particularly likable all of the time, and he feels flat in comparison to her. Building up other characters would go hand in hand with strengthening the story.

    Tips for Improvement

    For an adaptation to be successful, it would have to pull out a premise, as what’s on the page is too broad and unfocused. This doesn’t feel like Bobbett’s struggle to get clean, for instance, because that seems to happen fairly quickly, in one chapter. There’s a lot of ancillary information included as well, such as telling the audience all about two different pyramid schemes the protagonist is involved in. Honing in on a central story is necessary, and that would likely only use about half of the book, focusing on Bobbett’s addiction and subsequently finding religion. The rest is unnecessary information. Even if an adaptation were a biopic, including her growing up and what led to her addiction, it would probably need to end shortly after she got clean.


    A young woman who grew up feeling unloved and ignored turns to drugs for relief. No one realizes the dark path she’s taking, not even her husband. To save herself, her marriage, and her relationship with her children, she fights to get clean. In the process, she finds God and learns her purpose is to help others.

    What We Liked

    The message in this novel is so inspirational, and the fact that it’s a true story only makes it more so. It’s easy to see audiences flocking to hear the protagonist’s message, because everyone loves a redemption arc. Her journey manages to be full of positivity and hope despite the darker elements, and she perseveres despite the deck stacked against her. She’s the kind of character that sticks with you for years.

    Film: Feature films with Christian messaging essentially have a built-in audience, and this adaptation would absolutely benefit from that. Bobbett’s story is one of uplifting hope and putting trust in God above all else, and it’s easy to see it resonating with viewers who seek out faith-based content. Her purpose on Earth is to help others through the struggles she has already faced, and a film would only help the difficult lessons she’s learned to reach more people in need.

    TV: A television adaptation of this true story could be very successful, and what’s especially great is that it could work either as a fictional account or even a docuseries about the author’s life. Decades of Bobbett’s experiences are contained within the novel’s pages, and she surely has even more adventures to share today, as the book was published nearly ten years ago. There is no shortage of compelling stories and interesting characters with which to fill episode after episode.

    Key points:
    1. True story
    2. Inspiring and positive
    3. Addiction is topical in today’s society
    4. Faith-based story
    5. Strong female lead


    Growing up on a busy dairy with several SIBLINGS, BOBBETT never feels nurtured. As far as she can tell, she’s there to work hard and keep quiet, so that’s what she does. She finds an outlet as a teenager in boys and drugs, and the latter quickly begins to take over her life. She also meets MARLIN, who’s a couple years older. She knows he’s the only man for her, and she vows to be his wife someday. It’s a reality for her at 21. A couple months later, she’s pregnant with MICHAEL. She and Marlin aren’t speaking, and they take a six month break before the baby comes. Bobbett stays clean during her pregnancy, but she goes back to using after. At first, as when she was a teen, it’s only marijuana. Everything begins to go downhill when she’s introduced to cocaine, though. She falls back into addiction swiftly until she gets clean again while pregnant with her second son, MITCHELL.

    After Mitchell’s birth, Bobbett becomes addicted to meth, which is far worse, and Marlin finally notices something is very wrong. He doesn’t know who to do, and eventually Bobbett reaches her breaking point and leaves her family so that she can get clean. She checks herself into a rehab center, and she reconnects with God as part of a step program.

    Despite relapsing once, she never uses again. Bobbett throws herself into recovery, and to rebuilding all her relationships — including the one with God. She’s ministered to by a STRANGER who feels compelled to come to her house, and suddenly it’s easier. She can buy The Bible she’s always wanted, she can get baptized, and she can have a community of fellow believers. As she and Marlin are growing farther apart, she manages to convince him to go to counseling. Slowly and surely, they become closer once again. Marlin surprises her with a new house soon after. Their business is growing, and they’re not struggling to put food on the table.

    They’re even able to host an exchange student, YUMIKO, who leaves a lasting impression on their family with her kindness. Bobbett grows close to SHELBEY after Yumiko goes back home to Japan. Though their farm business is doing well, it’s unforgiving work. When a FRIEND of Marlin’s suggests Amway, a business scheme where they have to recruit others to join under them in order to sell more and make more, Bobbett realizes she’ll be great at it. She’s a bubbly person, and they’re soon doing so well they get free trips. However it’s long hours and difficult work, and she wants more time with her family, so she stops after three years. Both Michael and Mitchell are close to graduation, and Bobbett has a loose string she’s been meaning to tie up for years. Her father has a son he’s never claimed: DANIEL. Bobbett reaches out to him, and Daniel bonds with her and her sisters, though her brother and father refuse to. Bobbett is able to make this connection with Daniel shortly before he dies of a heart attack at a young age.

    Bobbett and Marlin buy a gas station on top of their farm. Things go well at first, until September 11th strikes and the price of gas skyrockets, hurting their business. It’s lightened by the arrival of Michael’s son, Bobbett’s first GRANDCHILD. Unfortunately, only weeks later, her father passes. Bobbett turns more deeply to God in the years following. She attends a new church, and she realizes her purpose in life is to bring others to Christ. An employee at the farm, ANGELO, becomes addicted to pain medication after being injured at work. Bobbett is able to bring him into their house so that he can get clean. Through Bobbett, Angelo is able to find his way to recovery and also to God. Bobbett’s daughter-in-law, AMANDA, has been chronically ill for years, and Bobbett uncovers a wellness brand that might help since nothing else is. Amanda finally feels like herself again, and the brand asks Bobbett to help them grow. MonaVie is structured similarly to Amway, and Bobbett is off to the races helping not only Amanda, but others, too.

    About The Author

    Bobbett Bettencourt is a first-time author. She married her high school sweetheart and together they operate a harvesting business in a small town in California. She grew up on a dairy and worked hard everyday with parents who didn’t pay any attention to her. She got caught up in drugs and lived a life of lies and secrets. She was a master of disguise. Even husband didn’t know who she was when he married her. But that life was turned around when she could no longer hide behind her addiction and she became exposed. This book is about her struggles, hope and redemption!