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    A case of split personality and satanic, possession feeds the flames to a series of gruesome murders. Twists, turns and clues give the detectives Frank Wood and Tom Stone, plenty of suspects. But in the end, only one person is the true murderer; someone, whom they thought was dead.

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    Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

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    Brooklyn, Baltimore, Maryland and Massachucettes.

    Based on a True Story


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    Two detectives search for a stalker and get more than they bargained for; for the victim Carol Newman has a secret past that comes back to haunt her. Insecure Carol gets anonymous phone calls and texts, she takes on a female flat-mate, but things get worse; when her new boyfriend is murdered.

    Ending Description

    The powers of possession or paranormal abilities are at work. Held captive, the detectives witness the death of their chief suspect. Thinking the case is over, the murders begin again, they find and catch someone whom they thought thought was dead. Frank finds an inner piece.

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    Twist,Happy Ending,Other

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    Overcoming Monster/Villain,Internal Journey/Rebirth,Tragedy,Other

    Main Character Details

    Name: Samantha Reed

    Age: 32

    Gender: Female

    Role: Tempter

    Key Traits: Aggressive,Complex,Sexy,Manipulative,Seductive,Flexible,Outspoken,Funny,Sarcastic,Adventurous,Clumsy,Blunt

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Frank Wood

    Age: 60

    Gender: Male

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Confident,Decisive,Empathetic,Engaging,Modest,Selfless,Honorable,Strong Moral Code,Visionary

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Carol Newman

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Role: emotional

    Key Traits: Charming,Empathetic,Faithful,Gracious,Educated,Insecure,Sexy,Selfless,Romantic,Secretive,Strong Moral Code

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Tom Stone

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Role: protagonist

    Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Confident,Heartthrob,Heroic,Educated,Masculine,Outspoken,Skillful,Sarcastic

    Development Pitch

    Detective Frank Wood, is not only fighting his own inner demons, but also, as it turns out, a split personality murderer with demonic and paranormal powers. I feel that there is an empty niche in the movie market for my story. It is not only a psychological crime thriller, with witchcraft and satanic overtones, it has twists turns, red herrings, suspense and a lot of suspects. It is the sad story of Carol, a young lady with a history of child abuse, has had no relationships, and when she does find a boyfriend - he is murdered. One the many twists in the story reveals that her flat-mate is the murderer with a split personality called Eleanor. On the edge of your seat moments are; where Carol is alone in her apartment in the dark with an intruder, and the song 'Oh Carol' playing in the background; where she is followed down a dark subway tunnel and someone jumps out at her; where Eleanor is about to sacrifice Carol and a stranger bursts through the door - her twin brother; Eleanor's final ritual below a graveyard where she uses her paranormal powers to subdue the two detectives; where a high priest is conducting a ritual in a room which eerily goes pitch black and icy cold as chanting echoes into the darkness. There's also a bit of humour thrown in to lighten the mood in places. Carol eventually finds happiness with Franks partner.The settings vary from the concrete jungle to a sleepy town in Massachusetts.




    Girl is getting stalked. Turns out to be her roommate who was in love with her. Said roommate is also convinced she's really a witch named Eleanor and commits a bunch of murders.

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    Authors Writing Style: FAIR

    Characterization: FAIR

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    Franchise Potential: FAIR

    Pace: FAIR

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    The book profile accurately reflects the book.

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    The book profile accurately reflects the book.

    Possible Drawbacks

    The writing was filled with errors and mistakes which could easily be fixed with the help of an editor.

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    Primary Hook of Story

    Grotesque murders involving religious symbolism have detectives confused--what is really going on?

    Fanbase Potential

    Not as it stands right now.

    Awards Potential

    In its current state, the characters are not complex enough to create awards potential.

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    What’s New About the Story

    It's should be noted that the story gives itself away at every turn--it's immediately obvious that Samantha is crazy and obsessed with Carol, and the idea of her having multiple personalities is brought up really early on. It would be more unique to give the women interiority and any sense of agency.

    Lead Characters

    The lead female characters act like caricatures of women at times.

    Uniqueness of Story

    The author could ease readers into the idea of Samantha as the villain instead of revealing that from the start to make it more of a mystery. It would be interesting if there was more to the character of Carol other than having been raped and abused as a child. We often see the personalities of the male detectives, I'd love to see some more moments with her that are not just her being a victim. That would be fascinating. The author could split this story up into two separate stories--the story of a woman getting stalked by an obsessive roommate and the story about Wiccan symbology and cults in the second half both could stand alone as their own novels with some more details added.

    Possible Formats

    Film - Indie, Film - Streaming

    Analyst Recommendation



    This feels like two different stories that could each be fleshed out into their own, standalone novels. Who is the main character of the story? Is it Carol, or is it Tom? If it is Carol, it would be interesting if she had more agency in the plot of the story and wasn't confined to the singular role of victim as she has apparently been her entire life.

    Tips for Improvement

    I would like to see Carol fleshed out and given more actions to take in the novel. It would also be much better if Samantha as the villain was more of a twist and less heavy handed.


    A young woman goes to the police for help with a stalker. Soon, the case becomes more complicated, as the woman's past is revealed and a series of odd murders gets linked to the stalker. The detectives soon begin to wonder if paranormal activity and demonic possession are at play.

    What We Liked

    - This is a very unique story that subverts expectations by showing women as vengeful and powerful in exacting punishment on their victims.
    - As a film, this would be a fun slasher thriller with mystery and supernatural activity.
    - As a tv show this would be a fun murder mystery that fans would tune into each week to learn more about the magic in the world and watch the detectives race to figure it out before more victims are killed.
    - Key points: Ensemble of lead characters; Mystery; Complex villains; Plot twists; Unique premise


    Carol is a young woman with a tragic past--her mother was abusive until she died, and then she was left in the care of her father who sexually assaulted her until she finally was placed in foster care. She had a good relationship with her foster parents, the Hamiltons, and remained close with them, even as she left home to pursue a career in education. She moves into a small apartment and soon gets a roommate--a young woman named Samantha. Samantha and Carol immediately bond over a similar past: Samantha's family died in a fire when she was younger, and Samantha bounced around from foster home to foster home. Samantha also was raped and abused as a child. Samantha is a few years older than Carol and works as a nurse. Carol is surprised at Samantha's eagerness to move in, but the two soon become close friends. They both soon bond over the fact that they have both been extremely unlucky in love. One night, while drunk, Carol and Samantha share a kiss, but Carol pushes her away and declares that they both must meet men soon.

    Carol has been getting creepy calls and messages from a stalker, many with the song ""Carol"" and the message that they are meant to be and will soon be together forever. She reports these to the police, and they begin an investigation, assigning Tom Stone to lead the case. Tom is unhappy that he's been assigned a stalking case when there have been some recent murders lately, but he dedicates himself to finding whoever has been stalking Carol. Carol meets a young teacher at her school named Grant, and they soon begin a relationship. Samantha is jealous of all the time the two have spent together, but soon begins a relationship of her own with Tom, the detective assigned to the case. Samantha reveals at a dinner with Carol and Grant that Grant is gay, which Grant admits to Carol sheepishly. Grant says that he did have a boyfriend but that he's trying to go straight and wants to be with Carol. Carol loves him, so she agrees that when he gets back from his trip to Canada they can start anew. However, Grant never returns, and is instead found murdered in a gruesome way. Tom and his old mentor, Frank, both deduce that the murderer is the same one who has committed a similar string of murders involving grotesque mutilations of the body and religious symbolism. Carol is distraught at Grant's murder and plans to move back to her foster home, upsetting Samantha. Soon, her foster parents are found dead in what appears to be an accident, but upon closer look is actually a murder.

    Samantha gets into a massive fight with Tom and starts getting more and more forgetful, so Carol introduces her to her therapist, Dr. Cole. Samantha reluctantly begins hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Cole. Soon, Dr. Cole is found murdered. Tom goes to investigate his murder and soon goes missing. Carol goes missing too. Frank tracks them down and finds that Samantha has dissociative identity disorder and believes that she is a witch named Eleanor. Samantha has been secretly obsessed with Carol since her school days, and has been the one stalking her. Eleanor kidnaps Tom and Carol, drugging them both. Eleanor plans to sacrifice Carol to a demon but Tom and Frank manage to foil the plan with the help of Samantha's twin brother, who did not die in the childhood fire like they all had thought and instead murdered her three rapists; a revenge on behalf of his unknowing sister, whom he loved deeply. The twin burns the house with Eleanor inside, and Tom and Frank and Carol all manage to escape.

    Tom and Carol start dating and Frank has fully committed to retirement, when similar murders start popping up, all with religious and wiccan imagery involved. They research the wiccan symbols found at the sites of the murders and begin to realize that Eleanor was a part of a coven of witches. Soon, they learn that Eleanor never died in the house fire and instead escaped and has been continuing to wreak havoc. They capture her and she falls into a coma, upon which she is confined to a mental hospital, never to do harm again.

    About The Author

    Anthony Kee was born in Lancashire England, where he still lives and works. A happy family man, he loves to read and write, and published his first book 'The Chronicles of Teng' in 2014.