About Us


We believe there are great stories out there waiting to be found.

As our industry has grown, so has the demand for great, original stories, which is why we created TaleFlick. We want to help storytellers get their voices heard.

Our platform is designed to empower authors all around the world who dream about seeing their stories play out on the big and small screen. Whether you’re published or self-published, represented by an agency, an agent, or yourself, we’ve created an equal opportunity for all stories.

TaleFlick is the bridge between authors, producers, production companies, and studios.

Empower your story.


We are a group of producers, filmmakers, writers, and tech experts with decades of experience within the entertainment industry.


Uri Singer

Uri Singer, CEO 

Veteran producer of the acclaimed movies ”Marjorie Prime” and ”Experimenter,” Uri is currently developing book adaptations such as Daniel Ammann’s best-seller “The King of Oil”, Don DeLillo’s “White Noise,” and Jess Walter’s NYT best-seller “The Zero.” As the founder of Passage Pictures, Uri started getting good content through referrals - which brought his attention to the fact that not all authors are lucky enough to know a producer, or have a friend who knows one. With that in mind, and with the ever-growing demand for original content, he decided to find great original stories from all around the world.

George Berry

George Berry, COO

Formerly of Apple and Netflix, George has 15 years experience in digital media operations, spanning music, video, and books. He oversaw movie and TV operations at Apple for 7 years, including overseas expansion in Asia and the Middle East. At Netflix, he worked on Content Operations for the Middle-East and India. It was at Netflix that George saw the need to create a library of quality curated content.

Max Ninthara

Max Ninthara, CPO

Max has built and grown startups for 10 years with successes in ZipRecruiter, Bambee, LeaseLock, and YouMail. He is also active in the Los Angeles startup scene and sits on the Advisory Board of early-stage startups like Quilt and GreekMe, formerly served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Cornerstone OnDemand, and is a FIKA Ventures Product Fellow.

Daniel Dias

Daniel Dias, Head of Curation

Daniel manages our team of experienced curators and readers, both in the US and in Brazil. He is a seasoned Director and Writer, having developed shows and formats for Sony, Viacom, Turner, NBC Universal and Fox, amongst others. Regardless of passports, he considers Entertainment to be his true nationality; Pop Culture, his true accent.

Carla Dauden

Carla Dauden, Head of Development

Carla and her team focus on development and production partnerships. Carla has worked with major production companies and agencies in Los Angeles and comes from a creative background, having written and directed short films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries - which led her to major festivals around the world. She is passionate about all forms of storytelling and specializes in exploring, discovering, and developing good content.

Shannon Phillips

Shannon Phillips, Development

Shannon works with our group of experienced curators and readers. She is an experienced producer, writer and film reporter, who has been developing entertainment shows for major cable and television networks around the world for over a decade.

Kate Nayberg

Kate Nayberg, Head of Strategic Partnerships

Former Vice President at Lionsgate, Kate led product launches on over 1,000 hours across 800+ film and television properties. Her roster includes acclaimed properties such as Orange Is The New Black, Dear White People, The Twilight Saga, Crash, Warrior and Manchester By The Sea. In joining TaleFlick, she became immersed in a purpose to get the best stories into the best hands, for the ultimate creation of artistic vision and expression.

Lara Clift

Lara Clift, Content Relations, UK

With a degree in Modern Languages with International Business, Lara's love of travel and books landed her a job at an independent publishing house. As the Sales and Rights Director Lara was lucky enough to travel the world selling content in translation, managing dramatization, TV and distribution rights, and looking for new bestselling properties to acquire.



Carolyn Steele - Author of 'Queenie's Teapot' and 'The Queenie Chronicles'

Having had her book optioned by Passage Pictures, Steele is thrilled and in her own words, "a little overwhelmed." She said, "I'm happy that my ideas have found such a terrific home and can't wait to see my characters brought to life." The author is based in Lancashire, England. She has been a psychologist, a paramedic, and a truck driver, among other pursuits, before finding her niche as a writer and editor.

King of Oil Book

Daniel Ammann - Award-winning Journalist and Author of 'The King of Oil'

"My book is in the best hands imaginable. Since optioned by Passage Pictures, “The King of Oil" has moved in an expedited way. It’s amazing to see this project taking shape. It all started with a sentence on paper, and now my story is set at Universal with the attachment of exceptional talents like John Krasinski and Matt Damon."

Universal Logo

Ray Kolasa - Senior Story Analyst at Universal Studios

"I’ve worked with Passage Pictures for years, most recently on their adaptation of "The Feed" - a project that started with a short story and was then adapted into a feature film script. This is a perfect example of how far good content can go when it's found by the right people. Now, with TaleFlick, many more stories will be found."

Tracks Book

Niv Kaplan - Author of “Disappearance" and “Tracks"

"Since my book was optioned, there was a new edition published and sold. Seeing my book becoming a script and being offered to the top studios and A-list talent is very exciting. It is a dream come true. Can't wait to see it on the big screen."

Absence of Fear Book

Celeste Chaney - Author and Screenwriter

"A short story of mine was optioned by Passage Pictures, adapted, and is now a feature-length script, which is currently being packaged and sold. I would never have thought that I'd have the opportunity to work as a screenwriter and see my characters and stories on a screen, but I was very fortunate to make a personal connection with a producer. Now, with TaleFlick, other writers, their characters, and stories, can have the same opportunity."