TaleFlick Project Too Big to Jail Snags Writer

TaleFlick™ has recently optioned the rights to Too Big to Jail, an article from The Economist written by Jacob Kushner and Daniel Ammann. It's the story of José Manuel Ramos, a senior member of the Medellín cartel that, in the 1990s, told prosecutors in America and Switzerland he would help them catch cocaine traffickers. Actor John Leguizamo is attached to play the lead. 

Too Big to Jail took another step toward the screen by choosing a screenwriter: Philip Elliott, a prominent, award-winning writer; the editor of literary magazine Into the Void, and a talent long known by TaleFlick™. Philip was the winner of our very first TaleFlick™ Discovery contest, and both his novels, Nobody Move and Porno Valley, feature on our library with Pick badges.

"Philip was kind enough to trust us with his work very early on, and his talent is unquestionable. Given the themes and tone presented by Too Big to Jail, we knew he would be perfect for the job," says Uri Singer, CEO and founder of TaleFlick™. "It gives us great pleasure to provide talented writers with the spotlight they deserve, and we are 100% sure he will do this amazing story justice." Meanwhile, you can make your story our next adaptation - or let your great work as a writer be recognized! Click here to submit.