TaleFlick Productions Chooses Four Stories; Looking for More

TaleFlick is proud to announce its selection of four titles that, as the first batch, will be developed under the banner TaleFlick Productions. Here are the titles that were chosen:

Man & Horse - John Egenes
Chasing Black Gold - Robert Stone
The Secret to Falling in Love - Victoria Cooke
Egomaniac - Vi Keeland

Deadline has the exclusive report. You can see it here.

"It makes me happy to select a few gems, incredible stories, and bring them to the screen. It's a long process, but after starting this journey and connecting with these authors, I am sure that each of their stories will touch audiences the same way they touched our team at TaleFlick," said CEO Uri Singer.

If you were not selected at this moment, don't be disappointed. This has nothing to do with which story is better - our library is full of viable books and scripts that can be developed right now. We believe they will be. These four were chosen based on many factors pertaining to this exact moment; still, the library remains available to producers, who have been visiting TaleFlick even more during these uncanny times.

We're already selecting titles for our next batch, and you're welcome to submit your story. Every entry will be considered!