TaleFlick Divulges List of Semi-Finalists and Extra Submission Time

We have been searching the TaleFlick library looking for four stories to turn into films or series, and we came up with a semi-finalist shortlist of 25 great ones. Here they are. Congratulations!

Man & Horse - John Egenes
The '49 Indian - Craig Moody
The Losing Role - Steve Anderson
Hidden Genius - HT Bryer
Bathing & The Single Girl - Christine Elise McCarthy
The Civil War At Home - Dustin McKissen
Chasing Black Gold - Robert Stone
Hidden - Catherine McKenzie
Designer You - Sarahlyn Bruck
Nobody Move - Philip Elliott
Sideshow Bandit (Script) - Marie Wilson
Refills (Script) - Amanda Nolan & Daniel Thorpe
Egomaniac - Vi Keeland
West Side Girl - Anita Oswald
Forever People - Alison Lyke
Loving Eleanor - Susan Wittig Albert
Dead Drunk - Richard Johnson
Flamingo Coast - Martin Jay Weiss
Dylan & Me - Louie Kemp
The Last Thunk - Gerard Farrell
Ace Tucker Space Trucker - James Tramontana
No Fences in Alaska - Glen Sobey

Too many great stories, we need a little more time until we decide on the final four!

So here's what we'll do. Besides choosing from our list, we're giving you two extra weeks to submit your book or script to be considered.

You can still be a part of the next batch! Click here to submit your story.

On April 15th, we'll announce the four winners that will be developed into films or series.