What is a Lookbook?


In the entertainment industry, or in filmmaking to be precise, a lookbook is a compilation of pictures chosen as a visual representation that conveys the director’s thoughts regarding the look and feel of the movie or series. Generally, a lookbook consists of photographs that will convey the director’s vision, but you can add anything that will help send your message across; for instance, drawings, character bios, logline, themes, and story highlights.

A Director’s Lookbook

A lookbook is usually shared with important department heads (like camera and arts department) during pre-production. Creating a director’s lookbook is extremely helpful in filmmaking as it helps enhance your storytelling and increases your team’s efficiency.

How Can a Lookbook Assist You in Pre-Production?

When you create a lookbook, you’ll be able to get an idea of the tone and atmosphere of your film. You can search through google images and pick out pictures or clips that match your film description. When you gather these in one place, you’ll see that a pattern will emerge. With this, you can figure out what ideas are important and the ones that you need to discard.

In addition to this, by creating a lookbook, you might be able to figure out options that you hadn’t thought of as yet. You’ll be able to look at your movie from a different perspective.

Something similar to the above-mentioned statement is that creating a lookbook will give you the opportunity to look at the techniques that others are using. You might be able to think about better ideas. Learning from those before you and taking inspiration can benefit you in creating something out of the box.

On Set

The time that you have spent on pre-production will come handy when you’re on set. A lookbook helps you explain your vision to your team. Your teammates will be able to understand better regarding the tone that you’re looking for. Your team can also help identify possible problems and find solutions for the same.

How to Create a Lookbook?

The first step is to create a visual design folder where you can brainstorm ideas and gather pictures and clips. You can then break it down into visual categories, to be more specific. Organizing it this way will help your team get a better idea of what you want. You can find and add stuff from anywhere, you can google it, add short clips or anything that can relate best to your vision. You can also add a written note about why you’ve added a specific photograph in the folder, you can either write it somewhere or just give it a thought.

Making a movie requires a lot of hard work and effort. The more effort you put in the beginning of the process in identifying your vision, the more smoothly things will turn out in the long run. A lookbook will help you show off a portfolio of set designs, models, storyboard and your vision. Therefore, it’s a useful tool used in the entertainment industry. It helps a lot in working through ideas and coming up with new and improved storyline. It’s also helpful in identifying particular inspirations.

Can TaleFlick help me with this?

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