TaleFlick Developing Romance Novels Into Films; Looking for More

Last month, the TaleFlick Curation team chose four books from our library to develop. You can know more about it here. Two of them fall under the "romantic comedy" category. We spoke to Kimberly Brower, literary agent and representative of Vi Keeland, author of Egomaniac, and to Victoria Cooke, author of The Secret to Falling in Love, about the experience of being chosen, and what they expect from the development process.

What made you upload the book to TaleFlick?

Kimberly: I was intrigued by the concept of TaleFlick. As an agent, I’m always trying to find ways to showcase my clients’ work and have as many people see it as possible. I thought TaleFlick was a unique way to do so. So together with Vi Keeland, we made the decision to try TaleFlick since it is a story that has general appeal and great banter between the two main characters.  

Victoria: I'd heard about TaleFlick quite early on as it was announced by the Romantic Novelists' Association when it first opened to authors. It sounded like a great idea, especially since I'd noticed more and more book adaptations popping up on on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime at the time.

Tell us how you received the news about the deal. How did you feel about it?

Kimberly: We were both very excited to receive the news about Egomaniac! After hearing about what TaleFlick was looking to do on the production side, I was very pleased that they wanted Egomaniac to be one of its first projects. When I first called her about TaleFlick's interest, she was excited and thrilled. However, she tried not to get her hopes up. I think Vi and I both tend to be on the realistic side about production deals, knowing that sometimes things don't always work out the way you want them to. But after she read up on Uri and some of the films he’s done with Passage Pictures, her excitement grew exponentially, and now we're both looking forward to the next steps.

Victoria: I received the news directly from TaleFlick, who sent an email asking if I could meet via video conference with CEO, Uri Singer and Head of Curation, Daniel Dias to discus one of my books. I had an inkling that this could lead to something but it wasn't until the video call, where Uri explained everything, that I knew TaleFlick really wanted to put The Secret to Falling in Love into development. When I received confirmation that everything was signed, I couldn't wait to tell everyone the news - I was thrilled. The fact Uri Singer and the team at TaleFlick saw potential in one of my books was, and still is, huge for me. 

Do you feel TaleFlick is only for established authors?

Kimberly: Actually, I think the opposite. I think TaleFlick is one of the few places that puts every author on the same playing field. It’s not about how established you are, but more about an author’s book. I would absolutely recommend it since there it can only help expose the book to people who are interested looking at intellectual property for adaption. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with TaleFlick in the years since I’ve been using it.

Victoria: TaleFlick is not just for established authors. I am published traditionally (on a modest deal) but The Secret to Falling in Love was my debut book, and I hadn't come from a writing background. Having a creative imagination and a passion for storytelling can be present in anyone and there is some great talent in the indie/debut community. I’d definitely recommend giving TaleFlick a go.

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