Our Authors Tell a Story... Together

While staying home, 11 of our authors read from their own books. Here's what happens when we put their stories together.

A fun way to keep our sense of community alive during a difficult time. Stay safe, and keep writing!

Thank you to the authors who were kind enough to participate:

Philip Elliott (author of Nobody Move)

Michael Bowker (author of Gods Of Our Time)

Steve Anderson (author of The Losing Role)

Nicole Evelina (author of Daughter of Destiny)

Anita Solick Oswald (author of West Side Girl)

Heather Grace Stewart (author of The Ticket)

James R. Tramontana (author of Ace Tucker Space Trucker)

Dustin McKissen (author of The Civil War At Home)

Richard Johnson (author of Dead Drunk)

Craig V. Moody (author of The '49 Indian)

Leslie Tall Manning (author of Gaga)

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