An Update From Our CEO Uri Singer

Hello, everyone. As you can tell from the picture, I finally have the time to go through some of your stories. My curation team speaks very highly of them, and they're right. Yes, I've acquired physical copies. Call me old fashioned!

I'd like to thank you very much for staying home, and enduring through this difficult time to keep your stories going. Hollywood has slowed down production, but that means we now have time to read and find rare gems that will be the next big thing. Producers such as myself, actors, agents; everyone is at home going through countless stories to lay the ground for our future steps.

We at TaleFlick understand the amount of effort put into each line submitted to us, and we really appreciate it. You can expect a number of initiatives throughout this week to facilitate your story's path within the entertainment industry.

We've got your back. Keep safe.

Uri Singer
CEO, Producer