A Message From TaleFlick About COVID-19


Hello, everyone. Daniel Dias here, TaleFlick's Head of Curation. There I am in the picture, with my kid - who, like yours, is home right now. We're doing the home office thing, and making the best of it. I wish I had fun Pikachu headphones just as his, but hey, mine will do.

I'm a writer, like yourself. And like you, I need to escape to broader, brighter universes - to a limitless world where our minds determine the course of action. When I'm not writing, your stories are the ones that help me with that; the fascinating, intriguing places in your minds that keep both me and my team of analysts busy on a daily basis. We even wrote about some of them, and they're helping us reflect on what's happening.

We're proud of that - this is a business, of course, but a business held together by true artistry, and a constant drive to make our peers thrive. Today, everyone in TaleFlick is working from home, but always moving forward, so you can move forward - and that world in your head can jump to the screen.

As I sit here in my sweatpants reading your books and scripts, I realize that now, more than ever, we need stories. We need narrative. We need the next chapter.

Keeping that world alive is what will keep us going. Always.

Producers, also in their sweatpants, are right now evaluating stories from their home offices, because they, too, are moving forward. If there's a time for all of us to stick together and keep our visions going, this is it.

We may have to physically lay low for a while, but no crisis can stop ideas.

Stay safe, and count on us.


Daniel Dias
Head of Curation, Writer