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5 Best Book to Movie Adaptations of 2019

2019 has been momentous for movies; our favorite superheroes are bigger and better than ever, horror is having a moment (you’ll see) and book to movie adaptations are thriving. With many more must-watch book to movie adaptations on the horizon – The Good Liar (15th November), Little Women (25th December) and The Woman in the Window (15th May) – we thought to take a look at the 5 best of 2019 so far.

It Chapter Two

Stephen King’s ‘It’ is an internationally acclaimed novel and winner of the 1987 British Fantasy Award, among many other honors. 30 years on from the beloved book’s release, Warner Bros released the movie of the same title. Then, ‘It: Chapter Two’ was released this year and follows the second half of the novel. 27 years on from ‘It: Chapter One’, after a series of child killings take place in Derry, seven estranged friends – formerly known as The Losers Club, who were taunted by terrifying clown Pennywise as children – are reunited to finally put an end to Pennywise. ‘It: Chapter Two’ was carried off with aplomb and was described by EMPIRE as ‘obscenely entertaining’. It’s a must-see movie for any horror fans, but make sure you watch ‘It’ first if you haven’t already.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Written by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer, and published September 2009, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is an astounding story and memoir. William Kamkwamba is the boy who managed to build a windmill, bring water and electricity to his village, and save his people from famine. The book was a New York Times Bestseller and 10 years later, in March this year, Netflix released the movie, starring BAFTA-winning Chiwetel Ejiofor. Dazzling, significant and truly moving this book to movie adaptation is an inspirational eye-opener and not to be missed.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Based on the three short horror stories, written by author Alvin Schwartz, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was released in August and follows the story of three teenage friends who discover terrifying tales of a young girl’s life. Though the books had been branded inappropriate for children and caused major controversy, they did, in fact, appear on numerous children’s best-seller lists and, of course, were made into a film this year. The storyline is inspired by folklore and urban legend and is sure to arouse a passion for horror movies in younger audiences. That’s not to say the movie is purely for a teen audience, though. With goosebump moments, this book to movie adaptation is just as enjoyable to watch as it is spine-tingling.

Pet Semetary

We did say horror was having a moment and it seems Stephen King is, too. Pet Sematary was published in 1983 and was nominated for World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1986. This year saw the second movie adaptation and was praised by both Stephen King fans and newbies to the horror scene alike. The story follows Dr. Louis Creed and his family who, after moving to a rural home in Maine, discovers a sinister, ancient Indian burial ground in the woods opposite his new home. According to Lisa Rojak’s Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King, King claimed that out of all of his horror novels, Pet Sematary was the one that scared him the most.

Five Feet Apart

Written by Rachael Lippincott, the New York Times Bestselling Five Feet Apart was published in November 2018 and less than a year later was made into a major motion picture. The story is about two young teenagers who are, essentially, forbidden to love one another due to their cystic fibrosis. But, of course, they don’t let that stand in their way. Directed by Justin Baldoni (otherwise known as Rafael Solano from Jane The Virgin), the teen romance is heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measures; it’s a poignant and important story that’s been told in a sincere and compelling way. And the acting from both Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson has also been highly applauded. If you want a good cry, give this book or movie a go.